⚠ Would You Buy The Most Expensive Item On Amazon…?

Last Friday saw the 25th ‘Birthday’ of Amazon and I think we can safely say that chap Bezos has done rather well out of it…

We’ve probably all used Amazon from time to time – in fact for some it has been the first and only stop for everyday online purchases. The fact you can get almost anything delivered to your door the following day with just a few clicks certainly has its appeal – but is there a limit to how much you’d spend on any one purchase…?

This was the subject of a debate in the office a short time ago and those that populate the downstairs office at HQ set about finding the most expensive item on Amazon.

I should also mention that, due to some interesting use of the office ‘Alexa’ and the fact that almost everybody who works for me is, deep down, about eight years old – all of the items I’m about to mention (plus a few more) ended up in the shopping ‘cart’ of my techie who did go a very funny colour next time he logged on.

There were several interesting contenders.

For instance you could have this Henri Lautrec Aristide Bruant 1893 Vintage Stone Lithograph for a mere £18,000 … and I strongly suspect you wouldn’t want this £81,049.00Diamond Ring left with a neighbour if you were out when it arrived.

Of course this is open to the occasional practical joke. For instance, I think we can safely say that this Elephant Camouflage Kit (priced at over £1M and now sadly out of stock) is entirely fictional, but the ‘reviews’ do make particularly fun reading.

Even so, the most expensive item on Amazon, I’m told, is none of these things. It retails at $1,500,000 (yes it’s on the US site) and while it certainly doesn’t float my boat … you can take a look and judge for yourself if it’s worth the money.

Now, before you go off and start rummaging around the loft or that back of cupboards to see if you’ve got anything like this yourself … take a moment to think about the growth of Amazon over the last 25 years and if they’ve gone from selling dog eared copies of ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ to items listed for $1,500,000 … then maybe that ‘wild’ idea you’ve been putting off for ages maybe isn’t that wild after all…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Head Minion