2 Minute Trader Plus

Review of Results: Two Minute Trader Update 25/11/2017

Results now stand at:

  • Total profit since we launched this fantastic little programme in September 2016 now stands at £10,834.03 which you could have had as well!
  • In that time we’ve done 1474 trades, all logged and publicly accountable with an average profit of £7.35 for every trade … all of which you were free to copy!
  • The win rate is now 77.2% across all the trades taken!
  • This October we’ve just had a run of 21 straight wins in a row and 16 wins in a row and in September just gone, we had 32 straight wins in a row … again you could have had all these as well!

To be clear, if you’d got in on this ridiculously simple LOW COST system when we launched it at the end of 2016 … and taken all the selections you’d been offered … staking just £50 …. by now, you too could have a CLEAR TAX-FREE PROFIT of


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Let me tell you about www.2-minute-trader-plus.com…

You may recall that last Autumn I launched a BRAND NEW system called the 2 Minute Trader. 

Quite simply, it enabled anyone, using just their smartphone, to literally make in just a few minutes a day, between £500 and £1,000 tax-free every month from specially selected horse races.

What put this head and shoulder s above everything else was the fact that you could do all of this quickly and easily  WITHOUT knowing a thing about racing or EVER having to watch it!!

That’s all very well, but I know the next thing you’re going to say…

“But Tim … does it actually work ?”

Well, ‘the proof of the pudding’ results are in, and since it was launched 4 months ago anyone who had taken all of the selections they were offered (using just £50 stakes) would now have made a clear profit of

…and that also happens to be TAX FREE by the way…. J

That’s even more profitable than I promised it would be back at the end of September!!!

You can’t argue with results like that … and what’s more 2 Minute Trader is back for 2017 and the good news is we’ve added some fantastic new features and improvements that make it even easier to pocket that extra £500 to £1,000 (… or more) tax-free cash every month.

These extra features will allow you to tap into a whole new market (our researchers have been really busy behind the scenes) as well as getting clear and simple information daily telling you exactly what you need to do… allowing you to make even more money !!!

What could be easier than that ?

You just have to agree that this has to be the easiest ways of making money you’ll ever come across, and I’m sure you’ll want to jump onboard and get started as soon as possible.

I’ve set up a special website so you can get the ‘full story’, but as this is still a bit hush-hush I’ve had to password protect it to keep the snoopers out. To access the site, simply click on the link below to get your password sent directly to your inbox in moments.

Here’s the link:


Any problems please email timlowe@markiteer.com

I genuinely cannot think why you wouldn’t want to get ‘in’ on this straight away … if nothing else go to www.2-minute-trader-plus.com now and watch the video which shows everything in action!


Tim Lowe – Markiteer Ltd

P.S. This is not just ‘marketing hype’ (you know that’s not my style) … but I have to tell you there is genuinely a limit to the number of people the system can support.

So it should go without saying that f you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make an extra £500 to £1,000 (or more) tax-free cash every month, I urge you to visit the website and secure your place now.

Here’s the link again:


Any problems please email timlowe@markiteer.com


By the way… to give you a ‘flavour’ of what to expect from the NEW Two Minute Trader here’s just few of the emails we’ve had thanking us so far (and yes, there’s plenty more on the site)

“Wow stamp your feet!!! ... got £162.50 inc stake :) ... up £66.31 on £25 stake” – Hamish

“It is a good product and it’s made me good money since I joined, over £1,000 easily in 2 months” – Amer

“Today’s trading has paid for the dinner and show that I’d booked and given my wife for Xmas!

Brilliant, thank you” - Chris O