Would your business pass the ‘Octogenarian Australian Tawny Port’ test…?

If you launched a new campaign and it took off, you could find yourself twice as busy, 4 times, 8 times, 16 times. Could you cope? Could you fulfil all your orders within the agreed delivery timescale? Could you keep things in stock? Could you provide support to all of these customers…? Or, would you be compromising something along the way and putting your sales (and possibly your reputation) in jeopardy…?

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So exactly how did I end up 16ft underground, surrounded by 10,000 spiders and $40m of wine…?

It’s 2.30pm on the tenth day of my trip to Australia… It’s wonderfully hot (my eternal thanks to the inventor of ‘Empire Shorts’) and instead of following my co-conspirators’ example of having an afternoon nap (to sleep off the effects of yesterdays ‘consumption’) I thought I’d take the opportunity to relay my recent ‘experience’ with some of the local ‘wildlife’ and I’m afraid to report it wasn’t entirely favourable… Continue Reading

The only time of year I’d consider doing something (just for a moment) a little bit dull…

Well, although I’m particularly useless at many things (‘She Who Must…’ would say most things), I already have a whole load of very exciting things planned for this year that I’m absolutely convinced will be even bigger and better than last year (and last year was pretty good, although I’m trying to convince those around me that austerity measures need to be firmly in place…to prevent unnecessary over-indulgence in double-sided post-it notes and gold plated staples or whatever it is that people get excited about in times of plenty…) Continue Reading