The Only Stupid Question Is The One You Don’t Ask….

Apparently, there are a wide range of things that I’m absolutely useless at doing … though for full details I will have to refer you to ‘She who Must…’ who will of course be able to list them for you in either alphabetical or chronological order, whichever you prefer… (in fact I believe we’ve actually gone beyond a list now and she has more of a ‘scroll’ of my ‘areas for improvement!’ – I might add this comes from somebody who set fire to her head (need I say more – see last week’s tip if you want to know more about this!)… ;-))

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Why ‘She Who Must…’ Set Fire To Her Head…Literally !!

OK, now I know you’re thinking this is some sort of attention seeking headline … and well … if it caught your attention, then I guess it is! 😉 The difference here is … that my dear darling wife did literally set fire to herself yesterday… :-/ Don’t worry, she’s OK, although she is currently sporting a somewhat singed fringe…

When she rang to tell me I have to admit that I did envisage a Tom and Jerry type cartoon image with her staggering about charred, with smoke whisping unwards from her head… But I’ve been filled in on the details and its not quite that bad… Continue Reading