Whatever You Do … Don’t Do A ‘Barry’

The latest addition to my team here at HQ, a fine
bunch whom I fondly refer to (with, may I add, my tongue very firmly in
my cheek) as my ‘minions’ … is a chap who spent his formative years learning
his trade in a joiners’ workshop, and one of his more repeatable tales was
about his former bosses’ rather sudden fall from grace … as a result of doing
something that seems to happen a lot in business, but is very foolish and also
very harmful to your relationship with your customers…
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A Missed Opportunity Doesn’t Have To Be A Lost Opportunity…

Regardless of how ‘gung-ho’ you are about your online
endeavors, from time to time, you are likely to become distracted by one thing or
another. I may have ‘occasionally’ been guilty of becoming distracted … as
anyone who has witnessed one of my frequent ‘asides’ (often straying in to the
the topics of fine restaurants, even finer wine and fast cars) will certainly
testify 😉
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