What To Do When Your Life Is Made Up Of More Than 140 Characters

Not only that, given some recent very high profile incidents of how much can go wrong with an ill advised tweet, and given my track record with upsetting people who are a) needlessly aloof, b) terminally half witted and c) American (three categories which seem to make up a good deal of the people on Twitter) I have for a long time decided only to tweet when I am updating my blog… Continue Reading

The World According To Neville…

“You see, it has always amazed me that whereas what you, I and all the other people in our industry say on the internet is constantly under the strictest scrutiny from those in authority … it seems it can often be completely fine to build a website spouting any load of nonsense you like.” Tim Lowe
(Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down) Continue Reading

Its Making Money Online … But Not As We Know It…

Of course, getting people to help you achieve the results you could not on your own is not a new idea to the Online Industry by any means (nor is it a new subject to the ‘Lowedown’) but during my couple of days away I met a chap who effectively uses a ‘twist’ on the usual ‘gun for hire’ method that we are more familiar with.
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