How To Turn The Contents of Your Recycle Bin Into Money

Don’t worry, you haven’t been transported back to 2004 … this really is an email from me on a Sunday evening, just like it used to be, back in the ‘good old days’…

Like so many others, I decided to escape for a while to my usual ‘approved’ destination over Easter, and by the time I arrived back, supervised the unpacking and got settled down to writing this, the evening seems to be upon me, and by the time I finally hit the ‘send’ button, it will, entirely coincidentally, be about the same time the original ‘Tim’s Business Tips’ would have winged it’s way to you…

There is much to tell about my brief getaway, but (unconnected) tales about ‘She Who Must…’ and I and an airplane toilet (though NOT in the way you think), soggy omelettes and upsetting one of the world’s richest families will have to wait until later in the week when I am more able to do them justice … Instead I want to share with you how you can turn the contents of your computers recycle bin into methods of generating traffic, lead magnets and even turn them into money…

First let me say though, that if something you have written, such as an email or article is sat in your recycle bin because it is truly awful … it needs to stay there (unless you can resurrect it with a quick re-write of course) What we are after are your slightly older pieces, things you have sent out to your list that you may think are of no further use, and just shoved in the bin…

Well, each of those emails, (or series of congruent emails if, unlike me, you like to keep them short) can be easily converted into an article and placed on each of the article directories to help generate traffic – they can be turned into PDFs and put on the PDF sharing sites (get in touch with the Minions if you want more details on how this works) again for free traffic generation.

The more ambitious can also turn that same work into a series of PowerPoint slides (I believe free Open Office equivalent is available) and using the free 30 day trial of Camtasia to create videos and upload them to YouTube and similar sites for more even free traffic generation.

A larger combined package of these emails or articles – about 2000-3000 words or as little as 1000 if it is really good quality stuff, will easily serve as new lead magnet or free report for your existing or future hub/squeeze pages.

Of course, you can also convert one or more of these collections of combined wisdom into a cheap(ish) eBook to generate some operating funds or release them via Amazon on the Kindle platform – (again, for further guidance on the whole ‘Kindle’ thing please feel free to bother a Minion)

Not everybody finds writing website content or emails easy, so it is important you get as much out of it as you possibly can, and by re-using that same content and converting it across several formats to reach people who would not normally have seen it you are getting the absolute most for your efforts and generating traffic, leads and revenue into the bargain.

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe