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As you probably know, I refer to the various excellent chaps and chapesses that work for me here at HQ (with my tongue very firmly in my cheek, may I add) as my 'Minions' … and they have been very productive indeed…

You see, just after Xmas I asked them to put together a Facebook page where people could ask questions and my Minions would help them regarding their various online endeavours … and it soon became apparent that what we really needed was a 'proper' website…

Tim's Minions ( has been online for a couple of months now and is updated almost daily with training materials, information on hot niches, techniques for getting traffic to your site, in fact anything and everything to do with making money online … and is already used as a source of information by thousands of people every single month.

Whilst this resource is currently free, and will remain so for the foreseeable future, what it means is any Tom, Dick or Harry can (and does) drop in and get all the benefits of a site originally designed with the purpose of helping 'Lowedown' readers.

So I came up with a plan…

Tim's Minions ( now has a FREE membership option. There is still loads of help there for those who just drop in of course, but the really 'good stuff' will from now on be password protected and viewable by members only, as will any future increased access to the Minions themselves (watch this space).

To take advantage of this, simply go to and soon after arriving at the site you will be invited to become a member. Just enter your name and email and you'll be emailed your password, as well as a very, very occasional newsletter.

Once you have your 'members' access you will be able to take advantage of the hours of material on the site, as well as requesting help with any problems you may currently be experiencing with online matters.

I suspect I shall have to limit membership to we don't end up with too many exhausted Minions passed out and making the place look untidy… so common sense would suggest that becoming a member sooner rather than later would be a rather good idea.

Here's that link again:

All The Best,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim's Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe