AITradesafe: When It’s Perfectly ‘Ordinary’ To Make £300 Before Breakfast…

I’m sure the world has gone quite mad … in the last twenty years or so, if steak
was required at Lowe Towers, it was cooked (with, may I modestly add, no small
amount of skill) by yours truly … and not once in those twenty years has any one
of those steaks, presented as they were in any one of a host of excellent sauces,
been greeted with anything but the most favourable of reactions…

However, the other evening, when I do have to admit I was the tiniest bit off my
game on the catering front … (which I must say, would normally not have been an
issue) and coming on the back of the previously mentioned ‘She Who Must…’ special
outing to that advanced cookery course … well, it brought forth a unprecedented
response that made me fear for her sanity…

“Darling,” I was told “I’m afraid this steak is a little under cooked for me … and
this sauce has just a touch too much salt in it” all I could offer by way of reply
was a stunned silence which was deepened further by the comment two minutes later
… “The wine was an excellent choice though, and it would have matched perfectly,
if only there had been the right amount of salt in that sauce”

Rather than subject her to the same series of stares, sighs and extended silences
that usually greet any of my helpful comments at the dinner table, I instead
resolved to write it off as a fit of madness, as it seems there’s quite a bit of it
about at the moment…

Take my friend Andy Ireland for example … whereas I’ve worked hard for the last
decade or so to build up a Multi-Million Pound business and am always set my sights
on getting the absolute most out of everything I do … Andy thinks it’s perfectly
OK to do a little bit of work in the morning and go out for the rest of the day,
happy to have made more than enough to live very comfortably, with no great desire
to make a fortune … well I ask you – what is the world coming to! 😉

As you may have heard, he’s developed a stunning new Forex trading template that
takes all the ‘nonsense’ out of trading in foreign currencies, he’s tailor-made it
for the ‘the ordinary man in the street’, just like him … and for that reason he’s
insisting that I tell you about the sort of return that is REALISTIC and genuinely
achievable by ‘normal’ people!

So whereas I would normally tell you how you could turn Andy’s system into a
fantastic regular income of around £8K a month, he’s having absolutely none of it
… instead I’ve got to tell you about how you can easily pocket daily returns of
£64 … £171 … £283 or even £303.

He said – “Tim, not everyone wants to be rich … most people would be happy with an
extra £1,000 … £700 … or even £500 a week, especially if they didn’t have to
give up what they’re doing now to get it…”

Regardless of whether you agree with Andy you can’t argue with the effectiveness of
his system … In fact, here’s a video diary Andy made for the first week of
February 2013 so you can see for yourself how simple and profitable the AITradesafe
template is to use. He took the same £300 that he recommends you start with and more
than trebled this money in a single week, turning £300 into £1028.77 with just 5
days of trading…

To watch the video and see what Andy’s system can do for you … go to now

It really is so simple … all you need to know is that four lights of the same
colour indicate it’s time to open a trade (… you’ll see what I mean when you watch
the video) and as soon as one or more of those lights changes to the opposite
colour, that means the price is starting to move in the opposite direction and it’s
time to end the trade … and ‘sell’ for a profit.

To watch the video and see Andy turn £300 into £1028.77 with just 5 days of trading
… go to now

Until Next Time,
Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

P.S. Remember, Andy’s NOT claiming you’re going to be rich overnight … and he’s
certainly not claiming that you’ll be retiring in 6 months on £8K a month (…
although having seen AITradesafe in action, I still maintain you could be) … And
he’s most definitely NOT saying that you’ll be a Multi-millionaire trader within the
next 2 years…

What he is saying however is this … that he can genuinely show you how to make a
long term, substantial and sustainable additional income of £64 … £171 … £183
… £303 on top of what you’re earning now.

In other words, an income that will truly relieve you from the financial stresses
and strains that go with the lives of most ‘ordinary’ people nowadays …

Tim Lowe