Always ensure you have the right tools for the job…

Regardless of how long you have been part of this industry, you can’t have failed to notice that whatever it is you want to do, somebody has made a little tool, plugin, gadget  or widget that will supposedly make it easier, faster or do it for you entirely.

I love nearly all of these types of things, (provided they do what they are supposed to of course) as many of us can get a bit overwhelmed at the start and any sort of helping hand is always welcome.

The trick though, is not to get carried away.

It is very tempting to have little widgets that will distribute all of your social media posts across all of the platforms at the press of a button, or a one touch solution that sends an order the second it comes in, regardless of what time of day or night it happens to be.

The thing is, these ‘helping hands’ usually come at a price, and if your social media following is only slightly larger than your Christmas card list and you are currently getting one order a month, you will not be getting full value out of them.

My Head Minion takes at least one call each month from people who seem to be doing quite well, but don’t actually seem to have any more money at the end of the month than they had at the start. However, when they added up what they were spending on aWeber, Hootsuite and a plethora or other gadgets, it becomes quite clear where the profits are going.

Of course, if you have a decent sized business, all of these extra services are an absolute Godsend but at the start it can be a massive drain on your resources if you are working on a modest budget.

I’m not saying you should go without these things entirely, just cut your cloth accordingly, as the saying goes.

Mailchimp for instance, is free until you reach a very reasonable amount of subscribers, and if any part of your business involves ‘over the shoulder’ type training videos, or any type of screen capture then consider Screencastomatic. Yes I know it sounds a bit ‘Wallace and Gromit’ but my Minions speak very highly of it as a cheaper alternative to Camtasia.

It can be easy to get carried away at the start of a project but you must allow the tools you use to grow as your business grows, or you can easily end up paying for features you won’t be using , and the same time, making unnecessary dents in your warchest…

Until next time,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe