‘Ten Buck’ Offers … Genuine Value Or Just An Expensive Squeeze Page ?

I’ve never really followed football, but with all the merchandise sales and other sponsorship benefits, I can see how a Welshman could be worth over £80M, but I am at a bit of a loss as to why the same coke you can buy anywhere else, is, in a Paris hotel, 13 Euros (plus 27% sales tax, plus room service charge) … but it also should be noted that a glance in a shop window in that same city will tell you that a pair of red soled shoes can easily be £6000.

We all have our own take on the relationship between cost and value, something which has been highlighted by the fact that many of the products you can now buy on portals like JVZoo, and an almost endless stream of WSOs, seem to be available for less than £10…

This new wave of offers has been seen by some as proof that, up until now, everything in our industry was seriously overpriced and that the world has ‘finally’ come to its senses … however, a closer look will show you that while some of these cut-price offers are genuinely brilliant value, the rest are exactly the kind of thing that was previously being given away, for free, as a ‘lead magnet’.

So, instead of it  being like ‘the old days’, back before Google took a rather dim view of squeeze pages and a  ‘free report’ was just that … you are now paying a fiver (more, if you buy the Upsell) for practically the same standard of content – which seems to me to make as much sense as buying that hotel Coke…

The trick here, as with so many things, is to be part of the minority offering real value. The fact that there can be so much mediocrity at this level presents the opportunity to really to stand out by delivering something really special, even if it is at a slightly higher price point.

If you can offer something to your customer that is worth considerably more than they paid for it, then of course they will be interested in your other products … of course they’ll open your emails when they might ignore others … in short you could use this platform to make a dramatic first impression and take some major steps to building a relationship with your new customer.

Weigh that up against the ‘value’ of something at a cheap and cheerful ’10 bucks’ that is so non-descript that the buyer can’t even be bothered to ask for a refund.

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Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe