Are you sure you’re going about things the ‘Wainwright’ way ?

The grim drizzly greyness that has greeted us in previous weeks can quite literally put a dampener on our motivation … and in such times I always take heart from the slightly odd but wonderful types I used to bump into on my camping holidays in the lake district…

I recall drizzle as being quite a common thing. In fact, on one of my first visits I asked the chap who ran the campsite when it might actually stop … his answer began ‘Well, in the 32 years I’ve been here…’

Of course the beauty of the area meant I returned several times, and on each occasion better prepared with stout boots and even stouter jackets … which was fine up to a point.

You see, despite the stout boots, jacket and at the time, quite youthful demeanour, I once had the interesting experience of being overtaken on a steep incline by a pensioner in tweeds and brogues.

This, on its own, wouldn’t have been worthy of note – except for the fact she then looked over her shoulder and shouted ‘Oh do come on, Mother’ at another tweed clad lady as she also sailed past me like I was standing still.

As I scrabbled up another incline made up mostly of loose stones and scree (a process I can best equate to trying to run up the ‘down’ escalator )-  just yards to my side I watched a chap, also of advanced years, clad in hunting pinks, taking his pack of hounds out for a run … on foot.

Clearly, these people knew something I didn’t.

It certainly wasn’t a question of effort … and they clearly weren’t going to the same strange lengths as one other rather odd chap I saw later that week.

He was wearing strange rubber shoes and running up the crumbling incline, by hopping from one solid bit to another. I thought briefly about having a go myself – but decided against it, once I took into account the distressing amount of Lycra involved and the fact that, unlike mine, the poor lad’s drinks bottle wasn’t the type that had a cork in the top…

Strangely enough – I found the answer right next to the Kendall Mint Cake…

It came in the shape of ‘Wainwright’s Walking Guides’ … and anyone with any a sense and a couple of pounds could tap into the incredible insight, experience and passion of Alfred Wainwright who mapped the routes of his Lakeland walks and created a series of amazing guides.

Once I was armed with this there was no more slip-sliding around, I just followed the paths mapped out in the guides and enjoyed the scenery without any of my previous difficulties.  I’ve spent every visit since marvelling at the amazing landscape and wondering why it took me so long to get round to using the guides in the first place…

My experience here, I think, is not an unusual one. We’ve all scrambled around trying to do one thing or another online, usually getting nowhere despite putting in plenty of effort and getting hold of the best ‘gear’ available.

I’m sure you’ve also watched in amazement, envy and annoyance as others just seem to sail past with what seems like very little or no effort … leaving you utterly convinced that they know something you don’t.

These people that are doing ‘better’ are usually following the advice of someone who has, just like the incredible Mr Wainwright in the Lake District, been there, seen it, done it and mapped it all out for others.

They are following a ‘proven’ route while others scramble around making what should be very easy, look very difficult. It’s not a ‘shortcut’, ‘hack’ or anything breathtakingly clever – it’s just common sense.

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Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down


Tim Lowe