How To Avoid Your Own Valentines Day Massacre

Even though Valentine’s Day was over a week ago,  I’m sure that, just like me, you’re still hearing tales of woe about one poor chap or another making a right hash of even the simplest romantic gesture.

It is certainly a reminder that, no matter who you happen to be, and no matter how much experience you’ve got, you can sometimes be the recipient of criticism, even when you think you’ve done the right thing…

I think this was highlighted best by those poor souls who chose not to hand over their offerings of flowers or chocolates in person, but those who opted to have them delivered to their other halves’ workplace …  a surefire way of gaining a few brownie points you would have thought…

It turned out that yes, it was a good idea, but only up to a point … that point being when a larger box of chocolates or bunch of flowers arrived for somebody else, or one of her workmates asked – “What’s he been up to then?” or “What’s he done wrong?”

If we then take the analogy into our own industry, you see situations all the time where somebody has an uphill struggle with something brand new, because it is ‘not tested enough’ … but once it has been proven, it is then criticised for now being ‘old hat’, and the person who developed is suddenly a ‘has been’.

You just cannot legislate for this … I’m sure I’m not the only one to receive communication from those who don’t want to be involved with something because it looks ‘too difficult’ … only for the next message to be about someone keeping their distance from exactly the same thing because ‘something that easy must be too good to be true’ …

Just two quick illustrations that often, when you are trying to do something new or different … there will be someone looking to find fault with it.

You could be forgiven for thinking that you can’t keep everybody happy, and that somebody, somewhere will always go to immense effort to find in a way to fail rather than a reason to succeed – and then be very vocal about it…

I’m not really convinced it’s as simple as that – but I do know that just as surely as you have to fully address and satisfactorily resolve any genuine customer concerns, you need to rise above any petty baseless sniping aimed in your direction.

The trick is of course, to accept that it ‘goes with the territory’ and carry on plugging away, and not waste more than you absolutely have to trying and satisfy those who are purely looking for an argument rather than answers.

All The Best,


Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe