Why it’s Better To Be Occasionally ‘Lightweight’ Than Permanently ‘Lite

I have just returned from a short break with ‘She Who Must…’ port tasting somewhere nice and warm, and while overall I had a splendid time, It started with me thinking the natural order of things had been thrown into chaos and the world had, quite simply, gone mad…

You see, after we had been at our first port tasting for several hours , I was rather distressed that ‘She Who Must’ had matched me glass for glass … and I felt a little light headed whilst she did not…

This was followed by a quite splendid spot of late lunch at which ‘She Who Must’  scoffed more of the rather excellent cheese and Iberico Ham than I seemed to be able to manage … and started talking of ‘pushing on through’ to dinner whilst I was actually going to suggest a restorative nap.

The result ? … ‘She Who Must’ dubbed me a ‘Lightweight’ … it must be my age.

Needless to say, I spent the rest of my stay putting things to rights, and the word ‘lightweight’ was not heard again … but never being one for half measures, I still maintain it is far better to go in resolutely and perhaps fall a little short (as I did on the first day) rather than go in half hearted and only achieve a fraction of what you could have done.

I see it so often with ‘lite’ (a word I truly detest) versions of this and that, including products in our own industry where you can buy a rather limp, apologetic version of what you actually wanted for a fraction of the price.

For me, it always sets the alarm bells ringing … that it’s all about lack of commitment, and a level of compromise that makes me wonder if it’s actually worth the effort …

Which then presents this rather uncomfortable question – what are you offering to your business, a fully committed version of yourself who’s willing to go the distance … or are you just going in ‘lite’, and splashing around a bit and seeing what happens ?

Before we go any further, let me perfectly clear I’m not talking about the amount of time or money you are able to commit here…

You can achieve more with half an hour’s resolute action than you can with any number of days skirting round what needs to be done, and get much better results from following through with something you paid just a few pounds for, than you would with thousands of pounds of materials sat idly on the shelf.

I read many years ago that if you treat it like a business, it pays you like a business, and that if you treat it like a hobby, it pays you like a hobby … so if you’re not happy with what’s coming out of your business … you could maybe take a look at how much you are putting in…

All The Best,

Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe