Beware the wisdom of the ‘5 Minute Expert’…

If you’ve tried developing products of your own, you’ll know it takes time. There‘s the process of developing your theory, then testing it over time so that when it actually comes to offering it to others  – you are as certain as you can be that it not only works, but works for the long term.

When it finally does see the light of day for the first time, what you have created will be seen by a large amount of individuals, all with a host of different experiences that shape their opinions … and almost every single one of those opinions will be slightly different

What you have to take into account, as you hear each of those opinions, is the fact that these others are seeing what you have created for the very first time. They do not have the benefit of the months of testing you have put in, but instead base what they say on a small amount of experience and a great deal of assumption.

Of course, sometimes this assumptive opinion will be correct, but most of the time what you see and read will be the equivalent of somebody telling you that you should throw your winter overcoat away “because they’ve been watching the weather for the last three days, and it’s ‘always’ sunny’“.

Remember – you’ve done all of the research, so it is you who are the expert, and not the person that has seen what you have created for about five minutes.

These people have not seen the fallow periods and purple patches that you have, so please beware of whatever the reaction is when your creation ‘goes public’ … do not jump at the first negative reaction or get carried away by sudden praise, but, most of all do not change what you have spent the last 6 months developing based on the opinions of somebody who has seen it for an afternoon, regardless of how forcefully they state their case.

Their observations may be entirely correct based on what they have seen – but remember what they have seen simply isn’t enough for you to change your plans, as their opinions are coloured by their experiences elsewhere. They might be experts in the arena your system operates in, but they are not experts at using your system … you are.

If, of course, you find over the coming months that what you had previously observed has in fact changed, then by all means re-jig what you have – but, almost without exception, in more than a decade I have never seen any sort of knee-jerk reaction end in anything but disaster…

All The Best,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe