What Can A Danish Restroom Teach Us About Effective Pricing…?

I must say, I am quite glad to be back on dry land … you see, I had been convinced (possibly against my better judgement) to undertake a short cruise around the Baltic – and while I was very pleasantly surprised by nearly all of the  countries I visited, overall it pretty much confirmed my opinions about the whole ‘cruise’ thing…

There were several occasions on which I had to give many of the senior crew members (usually individually, but on one occasion collectively) the benefit of my opinion – but more on that at some point in the future. What I wanted to recount today was an event which occurred in a very clean Copenhagen, in a very clean public washroom…

You see, I was followed in there by an extremely metro sexual looking man who appeared to have been vacuum packed into his shirt and was wearing a pair of tight jeans probably better suited to someone a few years his junior … and not only did he trail behind me into the restroom – he also seemed to be pretty keen to get into the actual cubicle I was about to use as well…

There ensued a short game, during which I used a series of noises and hand signals to try and explain in the nicest way possible that what was about to take place was very much a personal and singular task … to which he responded by repeating something in Danish and trying to edge his way further into the cubicle.

By now, anyone would be convinced this chap was up to no good, so I was about to resort to the not so nice way of removing him when this chap finally twigged that I wasn’t a local, and explained in English that the facilities I was intent on using were in fact blocked and he had been sent to fix them. (And I was awfully glad that he explained himself, as his next move was to produce some sort of plunger type device!!)

Now this one all ended with smiles, but it is the same kind of simple misreading of a situation in the online world that can make you jump to some very expensive conclusions. You see, a lot of our first reactions, whether it be online or elsewhere, when something isn’t selling as much as we’d hope, is to immediately reduce the price … but that is often the very last thing we should be doing.

For instance, if there is something wrong with the way you are presenting the product, or the sales copy and only a few people are getting as far as hitting the ‘order now’ button then you will only sell the same amount regardless of the price (and in fact if you have reduced the price you will make even less profit on each one sold)

You need to root out the real cause, which is not always what you might assume to be the problem … so before you consider reducing the price you must ensure that everything else in your process is perfect, to check it is not one of those other factors that is affecting your sales more than the final figure they see on the order page…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down


Tim Lowe