How To Create Your Own Cash and Lead Generating eBook

My 'Minions', it seems, have been very busy … obviously I expect them to be busy, (in the same way they, 'one day' hope to see some wages) 😉 but to be honest – It isn't always obvious what they are trying to achieve…

You see, when I venture down to the lower reaches of HQ, I will often find them looking at websites for such diverse things as the actor Jason Statham or UFO Abductions, purely (or so  they tell me) for the purposes of research … then, just as I am about to invite them up for what is euphemistically called 'an interview without coffee' … they show me websites they have created that are on the first page of Google without spending a penny on SEO or advertising (or anything else for that matter)

Then a few weeks back, they started downloading all the 'free reports' they could get their hands on (readers who have partaken of my 'Listbuilder' course will also know this as a 'lead magnet', something that is given away in exchange for a person's details on a squeeze page or 'hub') I knew the Minion 'Little Grey Cells' were on the go again.

So, what I have for you today is the latest creation from below stairs … after looking at the best of what is out there, My Minions have settled on what they believe is the optimum template for creating your own eBook, (or at the very least jazzing up a PLR eBook you have bought for pennies or something you've had written elsewhere.)

Remember, your 'lead magnet' will probably be the first real chance you have to build your relationship with somebody new to your list, so you need to give the best impression you possibly can, and it is important not only to fulfil the promises you made on your squeeze page but also to present them in an ordered, coherent, and (if you can manage it) stylish manner…  

Now originally I wanted to send this to you as an attachment to the LoweDown to make this a 'no effort' freebie for you but I believe this would cause some kind of havoc with various spam filters so I would instead urge you to visit this page on the Minions website:

And follow the instructions there to download it. (If you've never been to the site, or haven't been there for a while, you will also receive an invitation to join the site as a member – which I would also urge you to do as there is some very good 'members only' material on there that can only improve the success of your online endeavours.)

A few of the Minions members have already had a chance to give this the once over … one of whom said:  

"This is one of the great all-time biz-op blog posts … It doesn't get better than this"

…something which meant I had a very smug Minion on my hands…

Remember, this is absolutely FREE and could provide you with a real head start in giving exactly the right impression to people who are interacting with you for the first time….

Here's that web address again …

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim's Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe