The Daisho System – Brand New from Tony Langley & Tim Lowe

BRAND NEW from Tony Langley & Tim Lowe – The Daisho System…

About The Daisho System

The Daisho System is a new trading system from Tony Langley and  Tim Lowe. Dubbed “the cleverest home trading strategy there is … BAR NONE!” it is designed to offer a cash on tap lifestyle just like the one enjoyed by Tony Langley, the man behind the system.

The Daisho System

The Daisho System Results

Tim Lowe & Tony Langley

Prior to releasing The Daisho System, Tony and Tim have worked together previously, most successfully with the  Football Hedging System, which was released in 2015 and introduced a brand new concept in Sports Trading which is still yet to experience a losing trade.

When Football Hedging finally closed due to being fully subscribed, there was still a waiting list of people wanting to get onboard, and 2 years after it’s initial launch, Waverley Media still receive daily enquiries about this system.

The Daisho System and Football Hedging

It is not accident then that the most popular part of the Football Hedging System – the chance to meet and watch Tony train and trade live, became the preferred way of presenting the Daisho System. With this new system however, Tim & Tony have decided to host a series of live demonstrations so people can see the brand new system working BEFORE they decide whether or not they want to proceed with the remainder of the training days.

Tim and Tony were fully aware there would be plenty of people interested in their new project so they created a special website  dedicated to providing information about the Daisho system – complete with details regarding each of the live demonstrations and how to claim a place at one of the forthcoming dates.

The Daisho System Live Demonstrations

As with many of Tim’s projects, this website is password protected, with the first round of personal access codes posted only to a selected list. Any remaining places will be made up from those who request their own password by visiting and completing the simple form to receive their password via email.

Anything not answered by visiting the website can be resolved by a specialist member of the admin team by emailing  The admin team operate during normal office hours (9.00-5.00 weekdays excluding Bank Holidays) and are also available via phone but please be aware the specialist you would normally speak to may be on a scheduled call with somebody else.

Tim and Tony have also decided that anyone who books to attend one of these live demonstrations will receive, regardless of whether they stay to complete the training or not, detailed instructions on a standalone system designed to make a minimum of £500 in 30 days or less.

It probably goes without saying that such an offer has attracted no small amount of attention and that early booking is advised for any interested parties at the website below:

01/08/2018 – The Daisho System Now Available As A Home Study Programme

Although this was never originally planned to be available as a home study programme, a massive amount of feedback left us in no doubt that the Daisho System was in demand, but attending a live demonstration was just not for everybody. As a result, on the 1st August 2017, the Daisho system will be available as a home study programme, with various flexible option on price and support as well as the additional opportunity to meet with Tony Langley at a Live Training Day. The offer still includes a ‘No Obligation’ demonstration as well as the free standalone system that was available at the live events.

12/10/2018 – The Daisho System Closing Doors to New Members Due To HUGE Demand

The Daisho System has been in huge demand over the previous few months, and as a result we have to announce that the Daisho System Home Study Programme will be closing it’s doors to new members on 22/10/2018. This is mainly due to the the time taken by Tony to support all of the members. Tony has always prided himself on the level of support he has offered – and it was always agreed that when numbers topped out – the doors would close to new members until they were all ‘bedded in’. It is currently undecided when of if the Daisho System will re-open again.

09/12/2017 – The Daisho System To Briefly Re-Open After The Development of The Automatic Selection Finder

The Automatic Selection Finder send alerts of matches that are viable trades directly to Daisho System Users inbox. The selection process for finding profitable matches was always simple – but now it takes no time at all – and the amount of available trades now available is truly breathtaking. On the first ‘live’ weekend no less than 50 viable trades were flagged up by the finder – proof that the Daisho System now has the potential to be even more profitable than first thought. This development has freed up some time for Tony, so the Daisho System will re-open briefly until 17/12/2017.

January Update: Daisho System Re-Opens As Automatic Selection Finder Increases Opportunities to Profit

Those that missed out before Christmas will be pleased to find out that the Daisho System will be re-opening for one final time in late January. When numbers reach capacity this time – the doors will close permanently and Tony will be working with a users to turn them into traders who make life-changing incomes every month – just like him. Tony has, you’ll recall, retired early and paid off not only his mortgage but that of a family member as well. Tony lives the cash on tap lifestyle and it is now available one final time.

Please note that the ‘No Obligation’ demonstration, the free standalone system and the Automatic Selection Finder are all still available to users.

The Daisho System has a Facebook Page and a Twitter Page to follow.

You can get all of the details at the official Daisho System website over at

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