Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

Well, it seems the arrival of snow, as ever, highlights two very different types of behaviour.

On one extreme, there are those who take one look out of the window, see the lightest dusting of flakes on the ground and ring into work to say they can’t come in because they are ‘snowed in’.

They’ve hijacked the slightest excuse for an easy life and will spend the entire day sprawled on the sofa watching daytime TV or playing something on their games console.

Then, on the other side of the scales you have those who still manage to get things done, unless it’s the type of weather that would cause Captain Robert Falcon Scott a few issues.

For some reason, they can seem to get into work or do whatever else it is they need to do, regardless of whether they happen to be driving a clapped out Renault or the very finest of Range Rovers.

Also on this side of the divide, are those who open up their houses, so that those who are genuinely stranded do not have to spend the night in their cars – or those that donate blankets and hot food to poor souls having to spend the night in schools, colleges, village halls or shelters.

I shouldn’t have to go into huge amounts of detail as to which of these two outlooks proves the most successful when it comes to people starting their own ventures, because I strongly suspect you can guess which it is.

What you might not suspect, however, is just how easy it is for somebody to go from one camp to the other.

I’ve seen it many times – and it all starts with just one thing – a simple decision.

It might be the decision to get involved with something positive, or the decision to put a halt to some sort of negative behaviour or mindset. Most frequently though, that decision is for somebody to do ‘something’ that previously they ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to do, or had convinced themselves (incorrectly) was quite impossible.

Once they have made that decision, they are usually pleasantly surprised. Of course, they might spend a little time kicking themselves that they hadn’t made that decision before, but what they quickly realise is that doing that ‘something’ is not actually that much more effort, and the rewards are much, much greater.

That is usually just the start … those initial rewards will quickly inspire more activity, enthusiasm and effort and it doesn’t take long for the whole thing to quite literally ‘snowball’ from there…

All the best,

Tim Lowe

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down 

Tim Lowe