Don’t believe the Omens…

When it comes to music, I’m more of a ‘greatest hits’
type of listener … however I must admit a fondness to grand, dramatic pieces
… especially whilst cooking (though you would never catch me standing in the
kitchen, resplendent in striped pinny, conducting an imaginary orchestra with
my spoon) 😉

A real favourite is ‘Oh Fortuna’ from Carmina Burana (better known to most of
us as the music from the ‘Omen’ or the ‘Old Spice’ adverts from the 70’s…)
though I usually enjoy listening to that particular piece whilst driving
(mostly because I prefer it played at a volume that would not be approved of
back at ‘Lowe Towers’…)

This, however, can sometimes be an ‘interesting’ experience for my fellow
motorists … Imagine being a small child, safely ensconced in the back of a
Fiat 500 looking up at the  large black Range Rover that’s just pulled up
beside you at the traffic lights with this foreboding music blaring out,
expecting to see some kind of monster staring out … but instead seeing me
grinning amiably back at you … (strangely enough, being a larger than life
character means I normally don’t scare children … though I have been known to
regularly put the wind up my Bank Manger and the occasional unwelcome Tax
Inspector) 😉

Like that small child though, I think many of us at the moment have heard the
menacing music, seen the dark shape looming up behind us and have been almost
paralysed with fear at the thought of financial apocalypse that we are missing
out on the current wealth of opportunities that are currently out there…

Now, though it would be delusional to suggest the world was not in something of
a financial pickle the reason I say this is because I only believe that things are only as bad as they actually are … not as bad as the headlines would have us believe.

You see, when we are being repeatedly told that it is, financially at least,
the ‘end of days’  it can be very easy to be ‘hypnotised’ into thinking
things are actually worse than they are … and that the ‘current financial
climate’ is the single reason for things not going as well as we would have

And you should not let the ‘current financial climate’ stop you from
pursuing your online ambitions at all … but, as you would expect – it does
mean more than ever that you have to get it right…

When circumstances dictate we have to think long and hard about whether we are
going to invest time or money in anything, we would all be more likely to make
that investment with somebody we trust …  so, at the moment, it is
essential that you not only put into practice everything you have learned, but
also what is absolutely key is the need to ensure your relationship with
everyone is really strong, and you deliver exactly what you promise…

So, if your sales page is not converting how you want it to, or the last offer
you sent to your list ‘bombed’ …  before you shrug your shoulders and
resignedly put it down to ‘the ways things are’, check, check and double check
that there is nothing you could have done differently to have gained better

All The Best,


Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business
Lowe Down

Tim Lowe