Don’t Judge the 900 Year Old Book By It’s Cover….

I would like to, in advance, urge caution to any
Americans reading this … especially if you are easily offended … and though
I can guarantee the following account 100% truthful … I’m afraid it does not
paint some of your fellow countrymen in a positive light…

I think it must be me … because I don’t seem to have an awful lot of luck
when it comes to colonials (I am referring of course to members of the former
Empire, and not that ghastly practice involving a hosepipe which seems to be
all the rage at health spas) I’m sure 99% of the citizens of these nations are
both articulate and intelligent … It’s just that I am at a complete loss as
to why I always seem to encounter the other 1%…

The latest encounter happened after I had dropped off ‘She Who Must…’ at the
airport to depart for a ‘girlies’ weekend somewhere hot, and then I met up with
an old friend for a spot of lunch at ‘Foxtrot Oscar’ and then did some catching
up while we went for a leisurely stroll around the Tower of London (well, you
wouldn’t expect me to sit in the park feeding the ducks now would you…?)

It was during this tour we encountered a chamber which housed a rather
impressive book, a volume a good 8-10 inches thick (which was not, as many have
suspected ‘She Who Musts…’ book of ‘Tim’s Greatest Faults’…) 😉 in fact
the sign indicated it was a 900 page volume detailing the towers ordinance …
to which one of friends from across the pond stated ‘it must be a typo –
any book that thick must be more like 9000 pages’ and I had to do the decent
thing and explain that the pages were thicker because they were made of animal
skin (and followed shortly afterward with a less patient explanation of why it
had not been written on paper).

The tour later led to the ‘bloody tower’, (which is where Raleigh was
imprisoned, and refers only to one tower, and not the whole building as some
believe) and it was in this area that, without reading any of the very
interesting information provided, another ‘touristy type’ was explaining to his
companions at a thoroughly uncivilised volume about where the cell walls must
have been … and I felt another polite explanation was in order…

After I had explained there were no cells and that Raleigh was here with his
wife, family and most of his household I was greeted with a looks of
incredulity, repeated mutterings of the word ‘cells’, and the parting comment
that our English prisons were far too luxurious … (It was probably for the
best that I chose not to tell him that Raleigh’s youngest son was both
conceived and born during his imprisonment … I think the poor chaps head may
well have exploded…)

You see, like these historically challenged individuals from across the pond,
we all have some pre-conceived ideas about how things are (or at least how they
should be) which can affect, not only the way we look at our own online
endeavours but also how people respond to any offer we put in front of them…

Many people do seem to think that the same ‘common sense’ rules they apply to
their decision making processes in their normal lives will not apply with
anything they do on the internet because it was ‘online’ … well,  I can
assure you that it is usually that assumption that is the precursor to a very
embarrassing fall…

While I was downstairs earlier one of my team was experimenting with some bits
and pieces that created about £8-9 ($12) in the 5 minutes I was there…
however that does not mean I can extrapolate the figures out and start claiming
that whatever it was he did ‘made £100 an hour’ or ‘£192,000 a year’ just on
the basis of that one single event…

If the claims within your offer or your ‘lead magnet’ are at the outer limits
of peoples credulity, of course they are going to be sceptical, and of course
they would ask questions … if you are providing people with the means to make
£10,000 a month, you need to credit them with the common sense to know that
this is not easily done in the offline world, so you need to provide both proof
that it is possible, and an explanation of how it is possible (without giving
the whole game away upfront of course…) 😉

This is why at the start of all of my workshops I show people my actual
bank statements (not PowerPoint slides of bank statements) as proof that I’ve
genuinely made millions of pounds online, so that people know what they will
be learning is the result of a whole decades experience … and not some flash
in the pan ‘one off’ occasion…

All The Best,


Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business
Lowe Down

Tim Lowe