Don’t You Know Who I Am…?

It was back on the second morning of a particular quick getaway that I began to get a little worried….
Despite being quite a distinctive and hopefully memorable chap, I usually can walk around without anyone batting an eyelid (a situation I don’t mind at all) … yet, in less than 30 hours at this hotel, surrounded by various oligarchs, retired footballers and the occasional ‘what’s-his-name’ from TV, no less than a dozen people I had never spoken to in my life said ‘hello Tim…’
I began wondering what I’d done to deserve such recognition … I was a regular guest at this particular hotel, certainly, but there was no explanation why I had suddenly become so ‘public’
I was racking my brains for anything I may have done to achieve such notoriety, but compared to some of the other guests I was basically anonymous and, believe it or not, extremely well behaved.
The mystery was solved by a glance in the new edition of the hotel magazine – I was mentioned, alongside my photo in their list of ‘famous’ guests underneath Angela Merkel and some US vice president – but above the footballers and soap actresses.
If you’re stifling a bit of a giggle at the thought of me being mentioned as ‘famous’, I can assure you it’s nothing compared to the good laugh I had, or the near apoplectic state reached by ‘She Who Must…’ who teased me mercilessly and repeatedly pointed out that they must have been scraping the bottom of the barrel…
A reminder, if any was needed, that the solution to a problem is usually very simple if not immediately obvious. I could have spent days wondering what was going on, when the answer was plain for anyone to see in the hotel magazine … (which I rarely looked at, as being a regular guest, I already knew all about what the hotel had to offer.)
We can all overthink things sometimes, especially with the complexity that is usually attributed to the things we do online, it is easy to expect the answer to a problem to also be complex … but that’s not always the case.
If your website is unusually quiet, it may be for many reasons, many of them nothing to do with you.
It may well be quiet because your content is poor, or your offer is terrible … but one quiet phase might also be because Christmas is looming large and people are looking at different things online (for instance spending more time buying presents on Amazon than doing whatever it was they usually did on Facebook) or that the country where a lot of your traffic comes from has a public holiday. (Like Thanksgiving in the US for examplee)
So, if things are suddenly not going as planned, before you decide to make sweeping changes or re-think your entire strategy, just have a quick check to make sure it’s not something head-slappingly simple that familiarity has caused you to overlook.
All The Best,
Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe