Don’t Let Your Plans Get Eclipsed By The ‘Next Big Thing’

Whether it’s in the world of politics, entertainment
and especially in the online world, not a day seems to go past without
something or somebody being the ‘next big thing’ that will revolutionise this
or that, or change the face of whatever it is you happen to be doing …
‘forever’. Over the decade or so I’ve been in this business I’ve seen hundreds
of ‘next big things’ come and go (and only a few have become longer term
stayers that we all know and love…)  and I’d have to check, but go back
a few years and I think I might even have actually been the ‘next big thing’
myself once or twice…;-)

And you, just like me, have no doubt thought … they can’t all be the next big
thing (can they?)… and just in case one is (…because let’s face it big
things do
come along)… how do I tell..?

Whilst I have always tried to keep myself informed of new developments, I have
also chosen to keep a clear head, not get caught up in the hysteria and use my
experience (and on some occasions a large amount of prodding of my R&D
chaps) to see though the headlines to see if the ‘new big thing’ is, on a basic
level something brand new … or just a rehashed version of what we already
have in a prettier wrapper…?

For instance, it took a long period for me to change my initial stance on
Facebook and Twitter, (which could most politely be put as being solely for
people who can’t even keep quiet when they’re on their own) … and this is not because as ‘She
Who Must…’ may have rather cheekily suggested, that I lack the ability to say
anything in less than 140 or even the 480 characters required … but simply
because I need to see the real business value of something rather than merely
it’s novelty value before I invest time and funds into it…

Of course now I do lots of things both with, and on Facebook which are not the
things that made me despair of it when I first encountered it … (and for the
record I’ve never played ‘Farmville’, or felt the need to update people every
time I’m stuck in traffic!) . So I do use it – just not always in the way you
might think … So there’ll be no banal updates about every time I buy a
coffee… and instead I’ll only be letting you know things you will probably
find useful and profitable – sorry 😉

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In the same way that you have to ensure anything you offer your customer is
congruent with their needs, you must look at whatever the ‘next big thing’
happens to be this week and do a quick ‘sanity check’ to see if it’s congruent
with your needs,
or whether it will only serve to be another distraction or wild goose chase…

Not everything that has been dubbed the next big thing actually goes on to be
anything at all, and I’m sure you’ll agree just because ‘everybody’ is talking
about it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any good, or may be of any particular
use in helping you achieve what you want online, (take Google plus for example…)
… and if it isn’t you need only to be ‘aware’ of it until it possibly evolves
into something that can be put to good use…

Until Next Time,


Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business
Lowe Down

Tim Lowe