You Don’t Have To Be A ‘Rhino’, But You Do Need To Get Started…

Last Friday was one of the ‘biglyiest’ in American history as ‘The Donald’ took over the reins on the other side of the pond. I do of course wish America the best of luck over the next four years – but can’t help thinking that only if they’d stuck with us, none of this would ever have happened…

The point though, is that despite various predictions (and possibly to the disappointment of others) the installing of ‘The Donald’ at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue did not bring about spontaneous Armageddon (though it did rain a bit).

This is also true of the day after the Brexit vote, heavy snow, Ebola, Birdflu, Foot & Mouth or anything else that may have grabbed the headlines in recent times.

I’m certainly not suggesting that these events are inconsequential, or unimportant (especially to those directly affected) … what I am saying is that if you are sitting on the fence,  waiting for this or that ‘crisis’ to pass before actually doing something about creating a part-time, full time or even life changing income from your endeavours … then I’m afraid you’ll never, ever  get started because the one thing you can be certain of is that there will always be another ‘crisis’ along in a minute.

Take the Brexit vote in the middle of last year for instance. Around that time, those that joined the Football Hedging System and followed Tony’s instructions and teaching tended to do quite well. Those that joined and decided to do their own thing or nothing at all with it … did not so well.

The Brexit vote had absolutely no effect on how much money they made.

One thing that was certain, however … those who were so worried about getting involved with anything that they did absolutely nothing  … never even gave themselves the chance to make one single penny at all.

There is sometimes a very fine line between ‘due diligence’ and talking yourself out of doing something, and I know we are all guilty of it from one time or another but if you are looking to improve your financial lot by doing something online – you’re going to have to get started sometime.

Whilst I wouldn’t suggest my own strategy of charging through life, seizing opportunities and not giving in or giving up (referred to by some as ‘Advanced Rhinocerology’ *) might not be the ticket for absolutely everybody, you will never make any headway if you’re stood there ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ waiting for the wind to be blowing in exactly the right direction, because it probably never will be…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

* ‘Advanced Rhinocerology’

Tim Lowe