Got Problems With Your Website? – Just Sleep On It…

I’m afraid I must announce I’m not sleeping well … not anything to do with my business (the New Year has seen an avalanche of orders – but more on that in a moment) it just seems my mattress is very much on the way out. Buying a new one would seem to be the simple and obvious solution … but when I recount what happened last time, you’ll see it’s not as easy as it sounds…

I’d already exhausted what little patience I have for such tasks by the time I’d finished buying a duvet made from the down of the Siberian Snow Goose or some other mythical creature … and as you would have no doubt guessed, ‘She who must…’ and I have considerably different ideas as what constitutes the correct firmness of mattress … it seemed the only answer was to have something bespoke made that was ‘half-and-half’

‘Man with Clipboard’ arrived,  and after much measuring, sketching and jotting down copious notes about sleeping positions, left with our order and a very large cheque. As it transpired either the various hammerers and stuffers in the workshop or the chap with the clipboard had had some kind of episode because the delivered mattress was, without putting too fine a point on it – wrong.

I could feel springs, stuffing was protruding in the most inconvenient places and after I gave them the benefit of my opinion on the matter the offending article was removed and another was made and rushed to Lowe Towers … but because this replacement was made based on the same wrong information, it had all the same things wrong with it.

This sorry process was repeated two further times before mattress company’s regional sales manager arrived at my door, on bended knee and offering me a full refund, if they were allowed to take away the mattress and we never spoke of it again. He left a truly unhappy man and you could see why … not only had they lost what was quite a substantial order but they also wasted time and money making four very unsatisfactory mattresses.

If they had diagnosed the problem accurately the replacement would have been correct and that would have been the end of it, and it is this lesson that we need to take onboard.

When something goes wrong, the temptation is often to get straight back up and have another go … to try, try again in true Robert the Bruce fashion. However, unless you know what went wrong last time, doing exactly the same thing over again … will get you exactly the same result.

So, when things don’t go as planned, you need to take a moment to put your finger on what you think went wrong, and take a little time to solve that issue before diving back into your online endeavours…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe