Have You Got Your Anti-Alien Abduction Helmet Yet…?

Last Thursday I was roused from my office here at HQ by sounds of merriment from downstairs…

Suspecting this frivolity could very well be a sign that my ‘minions’ had removed their noses from the grindstone and were in fact slacking off … I prepared myself to take ‘measures’ and went to investigate further…

It seems that, whilst in the course of their normal duties (or so they tell me) 😉 my R&D guys had literally stumbled across a website which offered advice on, and instructions how to build (wait for it) … special helmets that stop you being brainwashed and abducted by aliens…

The website, as you can imagine, was truly astounding, full of stories of those taken by UFOs and the amazing turnaround in their lives since they had started wearing the aforementioned helmet 😉

The helmet itself seemed to consist of a flying helmet lined with some sort of hi-tech bacofoil to stop your brainwaves being fiddled with, and the website was resplendent with several photos of different people proudly wearing one. (One teenage girl however, slightly self conscious, had decided to wear a baseball cap over the top)… 😉

Further reading on this incredible website will reveal that, when it is not being worn, you must keep your helmet in a locked box to avoid having it stolen by aliens, as apparently despite possessing technology sufficient to take them millions of miles across space they appear to have something of a problem with locks.

Also, it transpires, once the aliens see you have outwitted them with your helmet, they will instead brainwash those around you into trying to convince you that it looks a bit daft and insisting that you take it off …:-)

When I curbed my merriment long enough to actually ask how this website was found in the first place … it turns out it came up in a Google search for the long tail keyword ‘alien abduction stories’ – which, with over 8,000 searches a month, is not too far away from being a good little niche…

The moral of this story is not, as you would suspect, that some people will believe any load of old nonsense … but that never in a million years would it have occurred to me that such a large amount of people would be searching for such a thing as ‘alien abduction stories’ every month, and the massive un-tapped potential of similar niches you may have thought were too bizarre to have existed.

So next time you’re sitting there thinking all of the niches are flooded, just remember that a little left field thinking (one of my R&D guys affirms looking at the titles in old second hand bookshops can provide much inspiration in this area) can open up entirely new swathes of possible niches for you….

Now, I wasn’t going to tell you the address of the website in question, as it was really only mentioned to illustrate a point, but human nature being what it is, I suspect if I don’t … not only will I be deluged with requests for the url, but many precious hours will be lost among Lowedown readers firstly looking for the site, and then pointing and laughing (and no doubt constructing an anti alien abduction helmet of your own) … so the website can be found at http://www.stopabductions.com/ … Enjoy! 😉

Until Next Time,
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

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Tim Lowe