Have you had a ‘dignity bypass’ operation…?

If you could have seen me on this day 25 years ago, it
is almost certain that hay fever would have me red of face, puffy of eye, and
completely unable to ask for a second class return to Nottingham (readers who
remember a 1970’s advert for a certain menthol based cough sweet will fondly
remember what I’m on about)…

Luckily (or otherwise…) about 20 years ago, almost overnight and completely
out of the blue, my hay fever progressed into an allergy to cats and horses too
(both unfortunate and mystifying, as we actually had a cat at the time and I
spent time around horses whilst growing up … mainly as my sister rode quite a
bit through her childhood … and I never once had any problems with the
creatures at all). And slightly annoyingly in more recent times this has
escalated, and also become a full blown dust allergy, which I have now decided
to tackle in a slightly unusual way…

Like every other allergy sufferer on the planet, I have tried many solutions
over the years (including at some peoples’ insistence just ‘bucking up’). But
what I’ve now discovered is a slightly unorthodox ‘treatment’ and, despite it
being early days it seems to be quite effective. However, its application has
definitely involved something of a ‘dignity bypass’ operation…

‘Timmy’s New Toy’ (to quote ‘She Who Must…’) is an ingenious little widget
which consists of a box no bigger than my hand containing an array of
electrical gubbins, complete with protruding wires leading to two infra red
probes … which, when inserted into my nostrils do something impressive (I
can’t remember exactly what) … probably it zaps all the resident dust, pollen
and other such airbourne nasties likely to trigger my various allergies, or
trigger the natural anti-histamines or something like that. Of course, these
probes are quite substantial and have to, to put it as delicately as possible,
go ‘right up there’ …  and applying this little device can sometimes be
every bit as eye watering as hay fever itself…!!

Now, I’ve found the best time to plug myself in to this contraption is whilst
driving (chosen because it is my ‘captive time’, when I know I’ll stay sitting
down for a chunk of time, undisturbed…) however, while this does leave me
sniffle free … it does involve me travelling around looking as if, at best,
I’ve seriously misread the instructions for my iPod! … and has meant various
friends and colleagues opting to risk public transport rather than be in the
car with me…;-)

Now, you might be forgiven for wondering what serious business point am I
currently trying to highlight by describing the glowing infra-red probes that
I’m regularly inserting in to each nostril, causing my nose to glow in very
much the manner associated with a certain reindeer…

Well, let me explain…

Just like me with my nasal contraption, you must not be afraid to try something
new to get improved results, even if there is the potential risk of it taking
you into an area where you might feel slightly uncomfortable…

For instance, if you suspect (correctly, as it turns out) that your squeeze
page will convert at a higher rate if you add a video of yourself (helping
connect you with your potential customer) but haven’t done so due to feeling
awkward in front of the camera you’ll know exactly what I am referring too..

(However, with this particular example of course you could break yourself in
gently by recording a video of you narrating your video script as a series of
PowerPoint slides as a precursor to your full screen debut…) 😉

Or perhaps you’re putting together a series of JV’s that will provide some much
needed traffic for a brilliant offer of yours but are holding off because this
means getting in contact with some complete strangers with a possibility of
rejection … Well why not just pick up the phone? (Once again if that sounds
too daunting, break it down and test the water by putting together smaller
deals with contacts you do have, perhaps in your own niche, or on forum
sites… and then still pick up the phone!)

In a nutshell, if you want things you’ve never had before, you must be prepared to do things you have
never done before, which will often mean stepping out of your comfort zone, and
that may result in you feeling a little bit awkward at first, (I know I
certainly did) 😉 … But once you’ve dipped your toe in gently and persist
you will almost certainly see changes …  the financial and personal
rewards of which are, truly, nothing to be sneezed at… (sorry couldn’t resist
that one…) 😉

All The Best,


Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business
Lowe Down

Tim Lowe