Did You Hear The One About…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – If it ain’t fun … I ain’t doing it – usually followed by a brief sideways glance to enjoy the sight of ‘She who must…’ visibly cringing at my deliberate use of the word ‘ain’t’…

And the great British art of ‘Banter’, effectively smothered elsewhere by the clipboard waving PC brigade is alive and well at ‘HQ’ where it is dished out and received in equal but not excessive quantities by all. (Proving again how a little common sense applied by people with a responsible attitude can effortlessly replace any number of volumes of tedious HR legislation)

However, it’s not as though we all caper around like a bunch of rudderless buffoons all day … my business is, by most measures, very successful, especially so given things as they are in the wider world, and all indications are that my business will continue to be successful … which means there must be a considerable amount of other things going on alongside all the ‘fun’.

That’s because humour is a brilliant tool, and I will frequently use it to get my point across, either here in the ‘Lowedown’ or in a face to face ‘workshop’ situation, and I’m sure my good friend Ali Campbell could probably go into detail about why this works, using terms like ‘anchors’ and suchlike – but I just know that it does work, and that there’s also another side to it too…

The fact is, I know that you didn’t subscribe to the ‘Lowedown’ merely because you wanted to hear tales of ‘She Who Must…’ the Minions, or accounts of my own notable exploits … you joined the other tens of thousands of readers because I have made upward of £18 Million in the same industry you yourself wish to prosper in, and that makes the words of advice wrapped up in those tales of value to you.

This is the kind of balance between having fun and at the same time achieving great results I would urge you to try and reach with your own endeavours. On one hand you have the ‘fun’ part where you can fulfil your creative urges deciding what you website should look like, or creating your product or free report.

All of that has to be coupled with the 100% serious matter of providing exactly what you said you would for your customer or subscriber … if they signed up to be shown how to start a WordPress blog, that’s what they must get – not deliver something that looks great and is entertaining, but ultimately doesn’t tell them what they wanted to know.

Remember, hard work can be fun, if done in the right environment, with like minded people all working toward the same thing. Rising to a challenge can be fun, with the satisfaction of achieving something you’ve never done before, with the full support and encouragement of others.

But the most fun of all is … celebrating success. I go out of my way to ensure we celebrate every ‘result’ or big effort in a new and original manner – a night of ‘Scalectrix’ racing accompanied by a curry, a barbeque at my beach hut or an evening at Lowe Towers where all are treated to one of my own culinary creations (each course served with matching wines, naturally 😉

So, if your online endeavours are not quite going as planned, it might be worth you taking a look to see if you’ve got the balance right … you need to be offering what your customer expects, and doing so in a manner that will allow them to engage with you and build a long term relationship that is extremely advantageous to both parties…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down 


Tim Lowe