For Heaven’s Sake Man, Buck Up!

On reflection, I think there are a couple of things that I might not necessarily excel at … one could easily point at any number of things happening in the Olympic Stadium in the near future that would not be my forte, but above all those I would still probably put 'Life Coach'…

It's not that I wouldn't get results … but I think the ratio of upstanding individuals created verses the ones left gibbering incoherently under their desks would probably not win me too many awards….

Which is why, when I recently received a 'name check' in the 'Huffington Post' column written by my very good friend Ali Campbell (One of the UK's top Life Coaches, 'TVs Mr Fix-it' and eater of Cumberland Sausages) for my use of the very phrase that is the title of this week's Lowedown, I was very surprised…

I'll give the link so you can read it yourself in just a moment, and I think it was quoted because even in the touchy feely world inhabited by some life coaches, a lack of 'robustness' in the populace has been noted, and the rather excessive rise in unnecessary Health and Safety and 'PC' values has turned many of us a bit soft and stupid.

For instance, I recently attended an event which had an evening Barbeque, and it being Britain there were contingencies for the inevitable onset of drizzle. Now, the erecting of a couple of awning type affairs to keep the rain out of our drinks and off the barbeque is only common sense and a good move by the venue…

However, the fact that we (a group of grown people, with no lack of brains between us) weren't trusted to stand on terra firma but instead on some specially installed non slip matting illustrates my point exactly, further underlined by an abundance of slippery surface signs, which ironically, as pointed out by one of my Minions … were positioned perfectly to 'have someone's eye out'

It's exactly this kind of thing that stops people thinking for themselves, which in the course of your online endeavours would be a very bad thing … because as soon as you encounter a problem or things don't go as planned, that inability to 'think your way out of it' will leave you ready to give up, or equally disastrously doing nothing and waiting for somebody to turn up unbidden, and tell you what to do.

Some things, especially on a personal level, will of course quite rightly stop you dead in your tracks but I often see people avoiding doing some of the things they would have to apply a bit of common sense to, because it's 'too hard' to think for themselves.

Not everybody in the world will achieve the things that we in this industry aspire to, because as I've said so many times before, if you want things you've never had before, you need to do things you've never done before … and at the very top of that list is taking responsibility and thinking for yourself.

Right, now that we're all thoroughly 'bucked up', as promised, I'd like to point you in the direction of Ali's column in the 'Huffington Post' … it is a particularly good read and I would suggest you could do much worse that keep an eye out for Ali's future columns…

Read Ali's Article HERE

All The Best,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim's Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe