The below freezing temperatures we are getting at the moment might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I prefer them, and the snow that comes with them, over the endless gloomy damp days we’ve had recently … though it must be said that earlier this week I might have been tempted to swap…

That morning, as I pulled up outside HQ and went to open my car door, I found that due to the weather the locking mechanism had frozen solid, and I couldn’t get out. The door was well and truly stuck, despite the attentions of all those summoned from their nice warm offices to come to my aid … however their efforts did manage to free the passenger door.

So, rather than be faced with the slightly ridiculous prospect of spending the day running my own business whilst stuck in a car parked outside it, I took the option of this alternative exit…

Now, this may seem like quite a simple task to many … but due to the large amount of bits and pieces there are to fiddle around with on a Range Rover, the console between the front seats is really quite substantial and provides the kind of obstacle that would give Jessica Ennis a few issues, so just imagine the challenge it presented for me…

Anyone at HQ looking out of their window at that moment would have seen me adopting a series of uncomfortable and unflattering positions as I attempted to clamber over to the passenger seat without impaling myself on any gadgetry, and treated to the rather unappetising sight of various bits of me squashed up against the windscreen in a most unflattering manner…

I think the only thing that could have been more undignified was if my back had seized up halfway through the whole sorry affair and left me stuck there with only the option of the emergency services cutting me out to look forward to.

Despite all this, I was actually in quite a receptive mood when two of my in-house team came to me with this idea…

Regular readers will know that my in-house team, in true tongue in cheek fashion, have christened themselves ‘Tim’s Minions’, and over the last year they have been filling their website ( full of tips, tricks ‘how to’ videos and other resources about blogging, internet marketing and making money online.

It receives thousands of visitors every month, and that number, along with the site itself is growing quite literally on a daily basis, and so it was decided that we should increase the number of advertising spaces available on the site and make them available to everybody.

Before this happens, however, what we’d like to do is give ‘Lowedown’ readers who have a website or service to advertise, first choice of the advertising spots … and at a fraction of the price anyone else would pay.

If this sounds like something you’d like to take advantage of, drop the Minions an email at for more details, preferably containing a proof of the ad you’d like to use.

To be fair to everybody, we can do this for anyone who gets in contact before the end of the month, but then as February starts we’ll open any remaining spaces to everybody else … so if you wanted to take advantage of this, I would suggest you do it sooner rather than later.

All The Best,
Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe