Here’s How To Get Your Project Online TODAY, And It Shouldn’t Even Cost You A Penny…

It’s the most common reason I hear for never even starting an online project, in fact I’ve already heard it three times this year…

What some of us might call the ‘techie’ side of it all – the arranging of things like hosting, building a website or setting up of email responders – even though it’s easier to do than ever, and despite the fact that you could even pay people to do the whole lot for you for around £100, it seems the time, money and commitment involved are a deterrent to some.

So, how about using a Facebook page instead?

It’s free to use, involves no mucking about with websites or emails … it is called, rightly, by some as ‘the internet within the internet’ because it’s an environment that people feel comfortable in, and don’t really like to leave…

Facebook is also accessed by just about every device on the planet, and works perfectly on almost all of them, displaying whatever people are after on whatever they are using – so you are maximising your possible audience without worrying about whether your site is compatible with the latest iThingy or automatically translates what you have to say into Mongolian or Mandarin.

Where this all becomes useful to us (especially if you are one of those concerned about cost and commitment) is that you can trial an idea on Facebook without getting in too deep … in fact, you can try as many ideas out as you like on Facebook, without it necessarily costing you a penny.

It would seem then, that a well run Facebook page could remove the need for a website completely … but before you cancel your hosting and move all of your business to chez Zuckerberg, a word (or fifty) of warning…

Along with all the undoubted positives of having a Facebook page, you need to remember that your page is owned by Facebook, not you, and they can do whatever they want with it.

So, if Facebook decide for some reason (and you’ll have to agree they are prone to some strange decisions) that your page is no longer to their liking, they can remove it with little or no warning – then that’s also your entire business gone … just like that.

Facebook also control how much of your audience actually gets to see what you are telling them (unless you pay extra to ‘boost’ your post), so most of the time it’s doubtful that what you say would reach even half of the people who have ‘liked’ your page…

Another thing to take into account is that Facebook can be a bit ‘various’ about which links you post on your page – try to post for instance a link to a gaming site or many things you might find on Clickbank, will get you a polite (or sometimes less polite) refusal.

So, with all that in mind, may I suggest the following to those who are unwilling or unable to commit to the expense of a website to start their venture…

Start off with a Facebook page – utilise the options to join groups and share content in your chosen niche to gain ‘likes’ for your page, and occasionally post allowable links to niche specific products for which you would receive a commission, as you perhaps would to an email list in the more familiar internet marketing business model.

If what you are doing starts to gain some traction, you can upgrade and add a relevant website safe in the knowledge that you’re not barking up the wrong tree (and still have a business if Facebook decide to torpedo your page, or do some update that drops your page to some social media black hole) however, if you are getting absolutely zero response, you can simply set up a different page in a different niche and try again with little damage to your budget.

You’ll agree then, that even if you have no budget at all, or are concerned (or simply can’t be bothered) with the perceived fuss and bother of setting up a website, here’s something you can use to dip your toe in for a ‘no risk’ start. Not only that – it’s something you can start on today.

Until Next Time,

Tim Sig

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe