How my school engineering project predicted Lady Gaga will make you more money online than Snail Racing…

At school I was really quite good at engineering … in fact at one point all I wanted to do when I was older was to design engines.  As it turned out, I chose a different path entirely and maybe the results of one of my school projects reinforces the idea that maybe I may have made the right choice.

This particular project was for a drill stand. All of the plans were perfect the design was as good as any of my teachers had seen and this was showing all of the signs of being a total triumph … that was, until we took things to the next stage…

You see, we only had the capabilities to cast in aluminium, and my design really, really needed to be in cast iron – but I was so intent that I wanted to make this drill stand that I carried on regardless.

When finished … it looked exactly as it should – it even matched the plans exactly. It should have been perfect but because it was made from aluminium instead of iron it was a little on the ‘bendy’ side … which anyone will tell you is not something you really want from a drill stand…

So, what does this all have to go with snail racing and Lady Gaga?

Well, let’s say you really, really, love snail racing. If you’ve paid attention to what you will have been told in this industry – you’ll know that this is not only a niche but a micro niche, full of passionate fans … so if you wanted to create a website – you would be forgiven for thinking this was a winner.

And to a certain extent – you wouldn’t be wrong. But the limited size of the audience and number of products you could market to the snail racing fraternity would limit your earnings from such a website, regardless of its quality and relevance – in short, a perfect plan but in practice, because of the resources available to you, about  useful as my slightly bendy drill stand.

However, whichever way you want to measure it – be it number of websites brought up by the search ‘lady gaga’, number of Facebook followers/fans or anything else, you’d have a lot of trouble proving that snail racing was more popular than Lady Gaga – even if she has been off the radar for a little while.

Also, the number of products you could market to Gaga fans is almost bottomless … so if you were going to make a ‘first’ website, with the sole intention of making a bit of money quite quickly and not looking to tick any personal boxes, would you pick the subject you were passionate about with a small audience with just a few products or a more ‘cast iron’ proposition, something you didn’t really care too much about – with a potential traffic source of millions and endless things other people will pay you to put front of them ?

So, as you spend more time with you online project, you need to be sure whether you are striving for a personal or financial goal, and be absolutely sure you have picked the right path to get there. If not, it’s not too late to change lanes for a little while – and maybe spend some time developing a website that will fulfill a few of those financial needs, so you can go back to developing that long term project that’s closer to your heart … without having any pressure to make any money from it straight away…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe