How Sweeping Up The ‘Crumbs Off The Table’ Made Me £25,000 a Month…

What do you know about me…? My enthusiasm for
powerful cars … probably … My love of fine wine and restaurants and my
ability to muddle together a ‘few quid’ on the internet … I certainly hope
so. But I’ll admit I’m not renowned for being sympathetic … and I’m sure, by
now you’re aware that my definition of somebody that genuinely needs help and
someone who genuinely needs a boot up the backside does not always match
everybody elses…

So, you might be surprised to learn that, if you’re reading this lamenting that
the fact you only have an extra 100 or so people on your list this month, that
online the ‘big boys’ get everything and as a result it was a toss up whether
you’d be reading your emails or phoning the Samaritans … you may find what
I’m about to say something of a surprise, and, I promise, does not contain the
words ‘buck up and get on with it…’ 😉

You see, even though it’s about a decade since I started out (which, when
you’re talking about the internet, I know, equates to what seems like
forever…) for good reasons and bad, that early era really sticks in my memory
… Back then, a hundred new people a month to my list was about where I

Even then, there were other marketers on the scene, maybe not as many as there
are now (but then again the internet was just a fraction of the size it is
today) and there were certainly those who were more experienced, better
resourced and, to put it bluntly – faster and richer than I was at the time.
The question was the same though on day 1, if these other chaps always seemed
to ‘get in’ first … how on earth was I ever going to get even one customer
let alone the thousands I wanted…?

So I decided, if these faster and richer marketers were going to charge in in and grab all the tasty morsels first … I would simply sweep up the ‘crumbs off the table’… just to get started.

You see, I didn’t try and compete head-on in a game I wasn’t, at that time at
least, going to win. I also knew that most people wanted to deal with the
‘biggest and best’, but if I could offer something a little different, or with
something unique that wasn’t offered elsewhere, people would still be
interested in dealing with me… So I made the most of the the ‘nooks and
crannys’ of the industry, and built my business up solidly over time… (Now of
course I tend to go for whole loaves rather than crumbs, but crumbs were where
I started on day 1!)

So there I was, adding just 30 or so people a week, building a relationship
with them, and at around every three months I would make contact offering a
different  ‘back end’ deal, often increasing what was offered, in terms of
the offer and
the price … (I won’t go over the whole ‘funnel’ principle again right now,
you probably know how it works already…) and after a year I’d created myself
a dependable £25,000 a month income…

Would I have got to that stage any quicker by not ‘sweeping the crumbs’? I’ll
never know for sure, but it certainly got me going…

Of course back then I used newspaper advertising as my ‘nooks and crannys’ way
of finding people, but you could do the same using the lesser known Pay Per
Click search engines, writing articles, contributing to forums or by
orgainising ad swaps … all of which can bring you far better results than my
‘quarter inch’ ad in the Sunday Times…

You see, when I placed my ad in the newspaper, it was seen for a week, and then
all the papers got thown away and I had to do it all over again the following
week. Using these other methods (with the exception of PPC of course) once they
are in place on the internet they remain working for you, plus you can add to
them so you just add in further streams of customers and income, multiplying
your business over time.

Obviously the larger your list size the greater number you can grow it by if
you chose to ad swap too. So the bigger you get the better advantages you have
too … A small list of 100, means you can only do an exchange for somebody
elses 100. But what about when you have 1000, or 10,000, 100,000, 1 million…
(you get the idea…)?

And when writing an article and adding it to one or all of the articles sites
every week, you are creating traffic sources that will send people to your list
for years to come…

Like you, I would rather have had half a million people to market to every week
from the word go, but as it turned out I got about 30 … What I did though,
was made the most of what I was getting … and some of those people are still
loyal followers 10 years later 😉 So, if you are despairing at your rate of
progress, you could always try gathering together the ‘crumbs off the table’
and just as importantly, remembering exactly what can be done with them…

To Your Success,


Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business
Lowe Down

Tim Lowe