How To Get People To Do The Things You Don’t Want To Do…

Funny chaps, techies … and as you would expect, over the last decade I have crossed paths (and occasionally swords) with my fair share of techies, from those that won't say boo to a goose to those who like to spend their weekends running through the woods naked except for some strategically placed camouflage paint…

You might be of the opinion however, that techies in general are quite normal, and point instead to my frequent admission that I often attract the more 'windswept and interesting' individual … and looking at the current staff roster here at 'HQ' I have to admit that may also be true…;-)

Whatever your opinion, you have to concede that most of us will be requiring the services of a techie type at one time or another over the course of our online endeavours…

Now, if somebody you knew said they wanted to be a plumber, but didn't want to have to know anything about pipes or water, you might think them a little naive, and the same could be said for those who want to get into the online industry but not want to know anything about the more technical side of what goes on.

Not by any means do you have to have a great depth of knowledge, just arm yourself with the same level of information you would before getting a tradesman to do some work on your house, so that you know whether what you're asking to be done is more likely to cost five pounds or five grand…

And before there are too many guffaws about the presence of the humble fiver in that last paragraph, please remember that jobs of any size can be outsourced … and wouldn't silly little jobs like the header graphic you've been struggling with for a fortnight be better given to somebody else to do … especially when it can be very cheap to get it done?

Below I've got one of the Minions to put together a list of more 'budget' service providers for the smaller tasks (though to be fair you probably won't have to look much further than

And for the bigger jobs here is another Minion complied list – but again there is little need to go too far:

You'll agree that there are more than enough solutions there to get almost any project moving … and probably cost effective once you take into account the 'unmade' money mounting up every day while your project lies dormant.

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Tim Lowe