How To Pick Your Perfect Opportunity

As I have gone to great pains to point out previously, I am nothing special … I’ll admit I do have a bit of a flair for some parts of this business we are all in, which I can assure you is more than balanced out by being, at best, average in most of the others … just like everybody else.

I can provide a host of witnesses to my ‘mere mortal’ status, foremost amongst them ‘She Who Must…’, who will go into great detail as to my shortcomings at the drop of a hat, freely quoting a certain passage in Felix Dennis’ ‘How To Get Rich’ to anybody and everybody who might want an insight into what makes Tim ‘tick’ 😉

Moving on from that however, one thing I did do early on that made a big difference, and I would encourage you to do also, was to teach myself to recognise an opportunity when I saw it … and by that I don’t just mean to dive in recklessly at the first thing I saw, I mean working out what was the right opportunity for me…

Usually the decision on whether to pursue an opportunity is based round the old favourites of ‘time’ and ‘money’  … however basing you decision purely around these two factors can be flawed as there are other, possibly more important factors which can affect your chances of success…

You see, the most common reason why people get no results at all is that they will order something and then never, ever do anything with it … which is why you need to be sure that before you commit that what you are looking at is the right type of opportunity for you

For instance, are you the type of person who needs to know how it all works so will be better suited to either create or oversee the creation of websites and building of lists…? Or would you rather not get involved in all that kind of thing but instead want something more immediate which would involve watching a few training videos before you flip open the laptop and get on with it…?

I have found that another important factor in defining success is momentum … does the opportunity have the chance of an ‘easy win’ early on?

Not only is there the obvious benefit of a ‘few quid in the bank’, the enthusiasm and momentum created by an early success, can carry you over some of the inevitable hurdles you will encounter as you progress, and install a real belief that you can progress and really make the thing a success.

So, when deciding on an opportunity, don’t be guided by the same old ‘time and money’ criteria … as there are other factors that can make them almost irrelevant … for instance, if there is the chance to recoup most or all of your outlay quite quickly, the finance needn’t be an issue … and quite frankly, if you were going to make £50 or even £100 for ten minutes worth of effort … of course you’ll find time to do it…

All the Best,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe