How to ‘swipe’ your way to writing the perfect email…

One of the things I seem to be asked more frequently
for these days (rather than just tips on how to get started) are various tips
on how to communicate with your new list of contacts … and how those first
attempts at building a relationship or making that first offer – can lead to a
severe case of writers block…

I can’t remember ever having this problem to any great extent myself … in
fact, the exact opposite seems to apply, as I’ve been conscious of the fact
that recent ‘Lowedowns’ seem to have been getting longer and longer… (so this
week I shall do my best to be brief…);-)

However, if you are finding the business of writing a little problematic,
please be assured you are not alone. In my years as a marketer I have seen
people who can communicate brilliantly on a face to face level, come across
magnificently on video but when faced with the prospect of putting it all into
words … they just seem to be at a complete loss…

The thing is, they know what they want to say … but when the medium changes
or the interaction is not there, they just don’t know how to say it … or at
least don’t know how to get started.

Now, you don’t stand a chance of building a relationship with people if you
can’t communicate with them … so a little technique I started using in the
early days to help with my own brief episodes of ‘writers block’ may well be of
use to you… (I actually started to use it when I first received flyers and
sales pages in the post, but quickly applied the same principle to emails as well)

Within your Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail or whatever it is you have for your emails,
you should make two new folders … one to keep all the communication that
makes you want to see more, know more or better still click on the ‘order now’
button – in short, anything that ‘hits the right buttons’ for you … and
you’ll also need anoither one to keep the emails that do the complete opposite.

By doing this you are creating what are known as ‘swipe files’ (the name should
be self explanatory…) So when the time comes to communicate with your
contacts, and are desperately short of inspiration for the right words to get
your message across … use the material in these ‘swipe files’ … one to
guide you toward the ‘right’ things to do, and the other to remind you what to
steer well clear of.

Remember, what you will gather together over time in these ‘swipe files’ will
be communication that has been sent by some of the most successful marketers on
the planet, (either written by them or by professional copywriters paid many
thousands of pounds) and it is all there at your disposal – for you to just go
along and cherry pick out the bits that ‘work’ for you – whenever you want…

Please don’t think for one minute that I am suggesting that you blatantly copy
other people’s work – it still has to be your message … but you may find a
flow, a structure or even isolated phrases themselves that match exactly what
you planned to say…

So next time you are staring blankly at an equally blank screen and the cursor
hasn’t moved in half an hour … please remember the cliché about not
re-inventing the wheel, and look to what you have on file for inspiration…

Until Next Time,


Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business
Lowe Down

Tim Lowe