How To Turn Your Hard Work Into A ‘Win’.

 photo TML_zpsabe539e9.jpgIt seems in recent times, people in the online world will go to great lengths and deem it their duty to give us a ‘reality check’, to solemnly tell people that it’s not easy and that it’s all hard work … and whilst that may well be the case, it’s only half the story – because while it can be all hard work … hard work isn’t ALL there is to it…

I have conversations with people all the time who have worked hard and ‘got nowhere’ (by which they usually mean they’ve not made any money) and that is because in the online world (and where it almost certainly varies from the job you’ve trying to escape) you don’t get paid for working hard, you get paid on results.

It can be quite unforgiving … nobody will pay you for trying, they certainly won’t pay you (unlike a lot of jobs) for just turning up each day … which is why it is important that when we make the decision to have more money and spend more time doing what we want (by ironically, initially investing money and spending more time ‘working’) that we spend that precious time doing the right things…

Imagine this… you spend weeks working away making the perfect product, spending hours over every single minute detail … but then only a few hours into putting it in front of people in the right way, you won’t get the rewards you might well expect, become disillusioned and potentially discard an opportunity that may well resulted in considerable success.

One of the best ways to know how to put all your hard work to good use is to follow some kind of plan, and that means follow a plan properly and not follow it in the ‘did the bits I wanted to do’ sort of way that we are sometimes prone to do … this keeps us working hard on the right track, and spreading your efforts over everything that needs doing.

Another way is to join forces with somebody and both work hard on separate parts of the process. As you know, typically in the online world, this would usually take the form of a ‘JV’ where somebody has something useful, valuable and profitable to share, but only poor ideas on how to share it, teams up with somebody with the knowledge and means to put it in front of the right people.

So if you think all your hard work is going to waste, may I suggest you consider moulding that hard work around somebody else’s plan … or combining your efforts with another to turn all that hard work into the all important ‘result’ and reap the rewards of your efforts…

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Tim Lowe
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Tim Lowe