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As you probably know, I like to do things a little differently … I remember at a charity ball a few years ago where the theme of the evening was ‘schooldays’ and as you might expect, the attendees came almost exclusively with either a ‘St. Trinians’ or ‘Just William’ look. I chose a different approach and had obtained myself a brown overall, broom and an outrageously large bunch of keys … and decided to go as the caretaker.

I was modelled very much on my old school caretaker, who, whilst not quite being in the same league as that chap from Harry Potter, was very fond of berating those who cycled in through the gates with ‘If I told you once, Ive told you a thousand times … go back and walk’

I took a similar approach when I had occasion to revisit Lisbon recently. It’s a very nice city, the people are wonderful, but the only way you would describe it as spectacular was if you had never visited a city before. It had all the things you would expect from a medium-sized city, and unless you had some emotional connection to the place you probably wouldn’t, as a tourist, choose to visit it a second time.

I was, however, on this trip with several people who had never been before – so to avoid a ‘seen it all before’ experience I decided to opt for a slightly more unconventional way to see the sights … by Tuk Tuk.

For those unfamiliar with a Tuk Tuk, it is an open-sided, three-wheeled taxi, like a motorised rickshaw.  Just imagine a contraption that looks something like the unfortunate offspring of a carnival float and a moped, and you won’t be far off the mark.

The thing was, travelling the streets of Lisbon in this Tuk Tuk tour made it a different experience entirely. Not only did the rather unusual mode of transport add an extra dimension, seeing the city from a different point of view made it seem like I was seeing much of it for the first time. It turned my attitude from apathy to enthusiasm and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

It all goes to prove that if you have decided something is not for you, just because you had a go once and it didn’t tick all of the boxes that first time … you may be missing a trick … and, when it comes to making money online, probably missing out on quite a lot of cash as well.

The evolution of how money is made online means there will always be a new take on how things are done – including those that you might consider long dead. I for one, would consider myself a fool if I dismissed out of hand a brand new approach to an old idea, as that different point of view might be all you need to turn mediocre results into magnificent ones…

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