However You Dress It Up … There Is Just No Substitute For Planning

Last Saturday saw the ‘office’ Christmas Party in full swing, hosted as usual, somewhere ‘stately’ a few miles south of HQ. I really enjoy it as it’s a chance to celebrate with everybody that works for me, or closely with me and is especially popular, particularly in the last couple of years when we have dispensed with dickie bows and ball gowns in favour of Fancy Dress … this year’s theme being ‘Shakespeare’

Mentions in dispatches must of course be made of the  chap who turned up in a dress … the rationale (he said anyway) 😉 being of course that in Shakespearean times the parts, both male and female  – were played by men … but any awards would have been won by the chap who turned up as ‘Yorick’ and who had used stage make-up to create a very special effect indeed.

I like to think I made a quite convincing Shylock thanks in no small part to the quite magnificent costume from Haslemere wardrobe (in fact great minds think alike as many of the guests had gone there seeking Shakespearean garb) and I am always very impressed by the effort put in by everybody who had both the time and talent to put together something themselves.

The rather excellent meal was followed by what could be broadly classed as dancing, also referred to by myself as ‘cavorting’ … but, given the evidence, most accurately described as ‘movements inspired by alcohol’ … I myself took full advantage of almost everything the DJ chose to play … though had he included ‘Gangham Style’ I fear my Monday morning mercy dash to the physio for emergency back repairs would have been even worse…

It was agreed by everybody (including those who don’t usually agree with me) that the whole thing was an unqualified success … so I shall start planning next year’s Xmas Party as I started planning this years … in May.

Now, before you start putting me in the same bracket as those who will buy next year’s Christmas presents in the January sales, please remember that it takes time to ensure you’ve covered all the small details like picking the correct wines to go with each course …  but still allowing enough flexibility to accomodate anything as magnificently spontaneous as an award winning soprano and a man with a bad cold duetting on ‘Baby it’s cold outside’…

I always aim to build the same components into everything I do in business and particularly online. I already know what projects I will be undertaking next year, when and where they will be available, because they were planned well in advance and have in some cases have already been under development for a couple of months.

However … if something new comes along next year that I feel can really make a difference to the way we all make money online, there is enough flexibility built into the plan that things can be moved around to accomodate it.

So the message then, is to take advantage of the time you have now to plan what you are doing in the first few months of next year … to plan in enough detail so that something small doesn’t catch you out … but to make your plan flexible enough that you can put some or all of it back a week or two in case you need to transfer your time and energies make the absolute most of anything that goes really well.

All The Best,
Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe