“I Could Do That…”

The New Year is, traditionally, when we all unhatch our new plans (or decide to jump onboard something we put on hold because of Christmas) and will usually involve us seeing something somebody was else doing, (and doing rather well) and thinking ‘I could do that’

Yet, we can often be still sat there in March, April or even after, still not having started anything at all, wondering quite what went wrong that big plan we had…

So what happened…?

It seems that after the initial ‘I could do that’ there can be little twinges of self doubt, which cause ‘obstacles’ – both real and imagined – to roll in until what seemed so simple just a few minutes ago is now completely obscured behind an unassailable mountain of problems…

I’m sure you know all the standard ‘reasons’ that get in the way … being ‘too old’, ‘too young’, ‘too busy’, ‘too poor’ or even ‘too dim’ to do whatever it is that is in front of us … but all the time seemingly forgetting what it was that made us think we could do it in the first place…

I’m not talking about walking in blindly in a cloud of optimism either – I’m simply suggesting that we put our doubts under the same exacting level of scrutiny as we seem to do routinely and quite effortlessly with any opportunity that comes along…

If you think you’re too old … does age really have anything at all with what you want to do? … and if so, what is it about your age that makes it a problem, and how can you then solve that problem ?

Take yours truly, for example. I have confessed many times to being very good at a couple of things, passable at a few others and laughably poor at pretty much everything else..

The relative success I have enjoyed seems to have come in no small part as a result of finding ways of getting round those obstacles and problems I entirely lacked the knowledge or the resources to solve at the time.

So, if you see something and think ‘I could do that’ … don’t let that thought disappear in the face of the very first doubt. Instead, start by making sure any doubts you have are based on a real problem, not a perceived one…

Then, examine that problem carefully to try and discover a solution … so that in a couple of month’s time, you’re not sat there wondering what happened, you’re actually enjoying all of the financial and personal benefits that first sprang so vividly into your mind when you first thought ‘I could do that’.

Until Next Time,

Tim Sig

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe