If you don’t want to miss your flight – always pack your cheese carefully..

As regular readers will know, I’m currently spending part of my time ‘North of the Wall’ fine tuning one of my other business interests. I usually take the ‘quick and easy’ option to fly up there, which I do quite regularly – and thought I had got everything into a nice little routine. However, I have to admit that earlier this week I nearly missed my flight altogether… and in rather bizarre circumstances.


I was only going for a couple of days so I took one, reasonable sized bag with me and everything I needed went in it. This included all of the bits you might expect me to take, as well as, on this occasion, my beard trimmer and some rather fine cheese.


As I mentioned earlier, I had got this all down to a fine art and I was expecting, as normal, to cruise through the whole pre-flight process … but on this occasion, as my bag passed through the scanner something must have gone ‘beep’. Before I knew it, my bag was in a bomb proof box and I was on the receiving end of some very agitated looks from several people with clipboards.


The nearest chap held his clipboard up like a shield as I demanded that he ‘explain himself’. After a bit of a stuttering start – he explained that the scan had shown up ‘organic material mixed with electronic components and a battery’ … and that, in their book … added up to a bomb.


I explained that what it really added up to was my beard trimmer being placed on top of the cheese in my bag, but ‘Captain Clipboard’ and his friends were in no mood to find out. To end the impasse, I simply said ‘Look I’ll show you’ – opened the box … and all of a sudden I found myself very much alone as everybody else retired to a safe distance…


Of course, once I’d shown them the contents of my bag it was all resolved amicably with a great deal of apologising.  One passer-by even commented very loudly that I ‘didn’t exactly look like a terrorist’ and made ‘Captain Clipboard’ and his mob look more sheepish than ever.


As with nearly all of these type of ‘occurrences’ I found it more amusing than annoying, though I can’t say that would have been the case if I actually had missed my flight…


The point here of course is that things might sometimes look a certain way – even menacing or possibly quite ‘explosive’. In reality, though, they are actually very beneficial if only you took the time to look properly.


You’ll agree, the best way to do that is to ignore all of the ‘noise’ surrounding whatever we are told is the next ‘big thing’. You will always be bombarded by the latest opinions from people who haven’t really got a clue – but want to be involved because everybody else is talking about it … and they don’t want to be left out.


There are, on the other hand, those that sit back and watch while the chaos passes to see where the ‘smart money’ actually goes. They observe what really goes on, how it all actually works and how this knowledge can be used to profit, even when everyone else is running around in a blind panic.


I think you already know which group of people you should really be listening to – and to hear more about them (and one in particular to start with) I would suggest you pay special attention to the Lowedown over the coming weeks…


All The Best,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe