If You Want to be More Successful – Simply Eat More Haggis……

I have to start with something of an apology. I was so keen in my last email to try and get you all up and running after the Christmas break that I totally neglected to wish you a Happy New Year – something I would like to do now – if somewhat belatedly.

My New Year was, as it often is, spent north of the border, enjoying plenty of Scottish hospitality and greeting 2016 with some enthusiastic if slightly inexpertly executed traditional dancing.

I recounted my dancefloor exploits on my return to the two young ladies who do the hoovering and dusting at Lowe Towers, and even demonstrated a few steps … but I mention this not to give you the possibly unnerving mental picture of myself twirling around in a kilt … but as an explanation of how our conversation arrived at the subject of Haggis.

One of the young ladies, who was a local girl – made ‘that’ face when I mentioned Haggis, and declared that she would never eat anything like that, whereas the other, who had grown up in Romania, said that they had a similar dish over there, but it was certainly less traditional and more of a necessity, as often, when she was growing up, the type of more ‘interesting’ bits that famously make up Haggis were all there was to eat.

Now, I’m not going to get sidetracked into a ‘Youth of Today’ type rant, as valid as some reading this may feel it to be, but would like to focus instead on the first girl’s reluctance to consider trying something a bit different, even when the chap extolling its virtues was somebody who evidently knew a thing or two about what makes a half decent bit of tuck.

I know we can all be bit like that with new ideas, where we can steadfastly voice our opposition to something without a) knowing that much about it or b) ever trying it – however, I must point out that the most successful individuals I have encountered in my life have been those who not only left themselves open to encounter ‘new’ things … they actually went and sought them out.

So you’d probably agree then, that if you’re not happy with the results you’re getting – that there would be condiserable merit in trying something that for some reason you dismissed out of hand the first time you came across it, or is completely new to you but you were avoiding because it looks like it might take you a long way out of your comfort zone.

Like the much derided Haggis, it might be made up of bits that don’t strike you as too appetising – but when you try it you could well find that in reality it is actually quite good, and the only thing you really don’t understand is why you were so worried about trying it in the first place…

Until Next Time,
Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe