Isn’t it time you took advantage of this…?

I know we probably shouldn’t, but here at HQ we’ve been playing something of a cat and mouse game with the ‘enforced’ installation of Windows 10. From starting off from a very straight forward ‘Would you like to upgrade to Windows 10’ our friends at Microsoft are now stooping to a level of subterfuge only normally reserved for slipping a family pet or small child their unwanted medicine in an effort to try and get people to upgrade…

So, why are we resisting? It’s not as though it will cost us anything, it’s even supposed to be an improvement on Windows 8 (which, to be fair is very likely) yet we’ve all been clicking on the button that said ‘No’ then the button that said ‘Reschedule’ and hoping it will go away. It’s certainly not a techie issue or anything that mentally taxing … but when it comes down to it, it’s the simple fact that we are all resistant to change … which, you’ll agree, is pretty daft.

After all, as a million motivational posters (or just common sense) will tell us ‘change is inevitable’  – yet while things around us are constantly changing – it’s changing our own minds that usually presents the real problem.

Take building your own website. When I started in this business it took forever and half a dozen techies to come up with something that looked like it had been created by a small child using crayons. Internet speeds were so slow any pictures appeared after your visitor had read at least three paragraphs in front, and if, heaven forbid, you wanted to actually change anything, you had to get your army of techies to do it for you.

I can completely agree with anyone who, given the above scenario, didn’t fancy having a go … but inevitable change has meant for nearly the last half dozen years, and especially within the last two or three … that if you have something to build a website for, three or four pieces of original content and an afternoon, you can build a perfectly serviceable website.

Remember, you don’t need to sell anything if you don’t want to. You can place adverts for eBay, Amazon, or any one of a thousand Clickbank products (other networks are available, of course, that’s just the first one that came to mind) T-Shirts can be quite profitable too, if your subject matter is congruent. You could even sell the advertising space yourself, if you chose, using websites like

You can tap into free traffic from social media … if, for instance, your website is about your dog, you can ‘share’ links to your content on various dog related groups on Facebook or Twitter (or any one of a hundred other networks) to get visitors back to your site.

Will this make you a millionaire overnight? Almost certainly not. What it will do, is show you that the kind of thing that may have put you off previously isn’t actually rocket science, or anything like as expensive – in fact I’ve just sent my Head Minion scurrying off to find out exactly how much, and he tells me that that doing the exact thing I’ve described should cost you less than £5 a month.

Out of everybody reading this, I probably wouldn’t be too far adrift in suggesting that a large number, despite wishing to make a part-time, full-time or life changing income from the internet, have not even entertained the idea of having their own website, because they believed it’s too complicated or too expensive to even try … well, in that case it’s time to change your minds, because the chances of you being able to do it quickly and easily have changed for the better…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe

Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe