Isn’t It Time We Had A National ‘No Nonsense’ Day ?

Today, Saturday May 3rd is quite a special day it would seem…

It appears to be one of the few days that isn’t the ‘national day of’ something or other, one of those quite annoying trends of American derivation (as are some of the dafter days I will mention further on) that appears to be working its way over here.

Tomorrow is, I’m told, national Star Wars Day, a date much derided because it is based not only on a film but also on a pun (May 4th be with you), but how is that any dafter than many of the other ‘special’ days or weeks we hear about ?

Whilst I totally understand and support national days like St Georges Day (a magnificent day for more than one reason) or a day dedicated to raising awareness for a little known disease or condition, or for a group of people having a particularly tough time … but when it comes down to things like world Pig Day or National Karaoke Week (both a sad reality on the other side of the Atlantic) I really do shake my head in dismay.

Of course, many of the ‘national’ days or weeks for certain products or industries are a blatant marketing ploy, but one we might do well to avoid in our industry – because despite the fact they get medium level publicity from many local news and current affairs programmes that have a schedule to fill, it is by its very nature only temporary.

This is because anybody that is likely to have filled their cupboard with spuds because it’s national potato week, will the following week have the same space filled with something entirely different that’s flavour of the day, week or month … with the previous fad already abandoned.

It is precisely the same with jumping with both feet into whatever the latest ‘fad’ is in our industry … of course you should keep an eye what is going on, and find a use for any elements that are a good fit for the way you already do things, but making wholesale changes for short term gain is very rarely a good strategy.

It is better surely to set yourself aside as providing something that none else could or would offer (the ‘USP’ you will hear mentioned over and over again) to present you with a steady stream of business that you can build on rather than have extended fallow periods broken only by short unsustainable bursts every time you manage to grab onto the coat-tails of the latest fad…

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Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

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