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Review of Results: Two Minute Trader Update 25/11/2017

Results now stand at:

  • Total profit since we launched this fantastic little programme in September 2016 now stands at £10,834.03 which you could have had as well!
  • In that time we’ve done 1474 trades, all logged and publicly accountable with an average profit of £7.35 for every trade … all of which you were free to copy!
  • The win rate is now 77.2% across all the trades taken!
  • This October we’ve just had a run of 21 straight wins in a row and 16 wins in a row and in September just gone, we had 32 straight wins in a row … again you could have had all these as well!

To be clear, if you’d got in on this ridiculously simple LOW COST system when we launched it at the end of 2016 … and taken all the selections you’d been offered … staking just £50 …. by now, you too could have a CLEAR TAX-FREE PROFIT of


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 Two Minute Trader and the Two Minute Trader Plus System.

Two Minute Trader Plus is an immensely profitable system specifically developed by my In-house team to be quick and easy to use, and allow almost anybody to generate extra income every month.

In a nutshell, (although it is explained in much greater detail here) Two Minute Trader uses the sports trading arena to do what is, in principle, buying something the night before and selling it for a profit the following day – a simple concept I know we are all familiar with.

The system uses special criteria researched and tested over several months to advise users of which horses in which to target, which prices to ‘take’ for maximum profit and when to do it. Users are advised of which trades to take each evening by a series of email alerts between 5pm and 9pm, and there are usually between 3 and 9 selections per evening from which users can choose their trades.

Our researcher, Lee, then advises users each weekday morning how he sees each trade going, when to close the trade and the most profitable price to close the trade at.

The whole idea of this is so users can get to grips with things relatively quickly (though a certain amount of practice via ‘paper trading’ is also advisable) but most importantly the user can get started without  having to have any prior knowledge of horse racing other than what they might have gleaned from occasionally watching the Grand National.

To be very clearTwo Minute Trader is not a ‘tipping service’ or a ‘gambling’ system but a trading system similar to those you may have seen with The Football Hedging System, The V System or Sportsure.

Two Minute Trader selections are made entirely on the potential movement of the price of the particular horse involved (so users can ‘trade’ this movement for a profit), and not an indication of whether any particular horse will win a race.

After the initial launch of Two Minute Trader, my In-House  research team (along with my resident ‘Techie’) looked for ways to further improve the system and increase it’s profitablility.

Over the next  three months users saw more and more features added to the members area, and in mid January, new memberships were closed briefly while the all the new enhancements could be fully implemented.

The new improvements and features had evolved this ‘new version’ a long way beyond the original Two Minute Trader. It was more profitable than the old system, was even easier to use and had fewer losing trades – but most importantly now had a full support network from the morning emails to one-on-one help via telephone.

So, I decided the system needed a something of a minor re-brand and Two Minute Trader Plus was launched on 1st Feb 2017

In slightly more detail, Two Minute Trader Plus offered an increase in number of selections, by expanding (again after careful research) to include the more lucrative Irish meetings. Obviously, a greater number of selections each evening mean more choice for users and the of course opportunity to take more selections and increase their profits.

It was also decided to increase the level of detail in the morning email which details each of the previous evenings and offers advice for the most profitable way for users top close the trade. This was originally intended as just a pointer for the initial users, but the feedback (and extra profits) generated by Lee’s advice every day now makes this a valuable part of the system.

However, the most profitable addition to Two Minute Trader Plus is the new enhanced Recovery Calculator which has already been instrumental in reducing any losses incurred by the small proportion of losing trades and can often turn one of these losing trades into a ‘break even’ or profitable position.

You can visit the offical sales page for Two Minute Trader Plus to find out more and secure yourself a place.



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