Matt Fyles V System – A Missed Opportunity ?

You will have to forgive this email being slightly earlier than usual, as I am trying to get this sent and squeeze in a 'respectable' breakfast before we get things rolling on what will be the penultimate day of a very, very successful run of workshops…

Matt Fyles V System is, of course, now completely sold out and by the time you read this I'll be welcoming the very last of the attendees before they are shoe horned in to a conference suite somewhere in leafy Surrey (actually I do jest slightly, as everybody does have plenty of room to work in – but it is definitely at the upper limit of people I would usually work with)

This situation would suggest there is something to be said for booking early … but I also realise that not everybody can get everything they need together to attend something like the V system with a just click of their fingers … so if we had to turn you away I'm really sorry – but I'm also really keen to do what I can to make sure you don't miss out altogether.

As this system works pretty much no matter how many people are doing it (I believe once Matt has put you 'in the know', you will be part of a very elite 4% of the whole market) the number events we could put together was limited purely by the amount of time Matt was available before he swanned off to his next exotic location (or possibly Nottingham)

This being the case, I will be spending time bringing what pressure I can to bear on Mr Fyles to agree at least one more event next time he is here, a little later in the year. (I've already tried to make him stay longer this time, but as it's done nothing but rain since he's been over here I can fully understand his desire to hop off somewhere sunny at the first opportunity)

I have to say, I'm not entirely confident of pulling that one off, but if I can, I would like to give you as much notice as possible, so, if you would like to be involved in any further V System workshops, you can register your interest NOW by simply clicking here

…or if you did want to book a place but there was something, anything at all, that stopped you – you can also let me know by putting that in the 'comments' box (So, if we can put together some more dates for you, we can try and solve that problem for you at the same time)

Let me be clear – you are not committing to anything … you are just letting me know that if more access to the V-System becomes available at a later date … you'd like to be the first to know.

I'm off now for my fruit and yoghurt (bet that surprised some people) and to start work on Matt…;-)

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim's Business Lowe Down


Tim Lowe