My ‘Approved’ List…

It’s ‘Nurse Tim’ time again … not content with being bed-bound (or more accurately sofa-bound) earlier this year … ‘She Who Must…’ has spent the last week with her foot in plaster after having an accident at the gym.

Now, before there is a massive outpouring of sympathy, I would like to point out that the injury occurred whilst in the gym’s coffee shop, waving to a friend, and at no point did Mrs Lowe come within a dozen yards of any equipment liable to involve breaking a sweat.

After the swelling had gone down a little, the hospital replaced the temporary plaster with one of those inflatable boot thingies you see footballers wearing when something untoward happens to a metatarsal … it seems you can take it off for showering and suchlike, and also check how the healing process is going by leaving it off and putting a little weight on the foot.

This was quite a shame really, because had it been a ‘proper’ plaster cast, I was looking forward to writing something ‘appropriate’ on it, somewhere ‘She Who Must…’ could neither read it or reach it to rub it out 😉

As long-time readers of the Lowedown will know I have for many years been a wearer of, and advocate for, Church’s Brogues … a choice that has always not met with universal approval back at Lowe Towers … so when the doctor announced that as part of the ‘She Who Must…’  long term recuperation process, some sturdy footwear would be required – naturally I put forward my recommendation…

The doctor, being a sound chap, of course agreed with me and so I immediately (and, to be fair, once or twice since) ;-), had the pleasure of informing my wife that my choice of footwear was not only my own … it was actually medically approved 😉

I’m always keen to share my good experiences … and although I’m sure you would also find Church’s footwear to be an excellent choice … this is an online newsletter so I thought it would be best to compile a list to good things I have found online … (so, if you want to find out which brand of sausage I prefer, you will have to email me) 😉

‘The Approved List’ is NOT a list of ‘Make Money’ systems … instead it is a list of resources, websites & useful tools I have either used in building my own business or at least wished were around when I first started … it’s completely free for you to access, and will, of course, be updated as and when I find something I think is good enough to add.

You can find the list here: and I would urge you to take a look, as you may well find the solution to the very thing that is holding you back could be just a few clicks away…

All The Best,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe