On Your Marks, Get Set GO! … Then wait for everybody else to catch up…?

During my trip to HQ the other morning, the large amount of inappropriately parked BMW X3s and large yellow cardboard arrows made it apparent that School Sports Day season was in full swing, and I braced myself for the oncoming deluge of opinion I see every year bemoaning the lack of competitiveness of such events, and how it does not equip children for life in the ‘cold hard world’…

However, whenever the final decision is made on whether it’s ‘political correctness’ or ‘health and safety’ that happens to be to blame this year, some of us will be more concerned that the real point may have been missed entirely…

It’s not only that there are no winners or losers (especially as ‘losing’ can be just as an important lesson as ‘winning’ … and certainly more valuable than just doing ‘OK’) It’s simply that not everybody is (or has the desire to be) a ‘team player’ and making everybody all work together taking part in some sort of airy fairy nonsense where they don’t know what they’ve achieved (but are told they had fun doing it) is not stifling competitiveness or ability…but individuality

The notion that the individual should subjugate their ability ‘for the good of the team’ is something that should make any sane person despair. Even if, like me, you’re not really a sports fan, you cannot have failed to notice that the defining factor in whether a team has ultimately raised a trophy or not has usually been one person taking responsibility for the outcome and making and outstanding individual effort.

That translates over to everybody reading this … your entrepreneurial side has come to the fore because you don’t want the same as everybody else … you want to make an outstanding individual effort and to be recognised and rewarded as such.

You don’t have to be as obviously individual as, for example, Albert Einstein or Mozart were at an early age, to know that individuality is often frowned upon by authority … I’m sure that the headmaster of many a ‘celebrated’ former pupil who has gone on to greater things will admit the future ‘hero’ spent just as much time sat outside their office as any the less celebrated ones.

So, being ‘individual’ isn’t necessarily the easiest of paths, one that others may criticise you for taking, and accuse you of being selfish or ‘getting ideas above your station’ … but ask yourself, did you really start your own online business, with financial and personal rewards it can bring, just you so you could wait for everybody else to catch up and all cross the finish line together..?

All The Best,
Tim Sig
Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe