Paintball for the Big Boys…

For some strange reason, ‘She Who Must…’ thought I would really enjoy being sat in a real, full sized tank driving around and blowing things up (with paintball type ammunition anyway) …so she bought me a sort of ‘Paintball for the Big Boys’ day out for my Birthday.

Of course, she was completely right – so off I tramped to the middle of Leicestershire, dragging my good friend Ali Campbell along as my accomplice for the day…

Soon, we were sat in the training room – resplendent in our newly issued overalls, and some things became immediately apparent – firstly, they wouldn’t be using pictures of us on the recruiting posters any time soon – and also that this was going to be hot, cramped, dirty, and noisy … and tremendously good fun.

Tank Story.png

Given last week’s ‘stuck in the sauna’ shenanigans, you would have thought I really wasn’t keen to be trying to squeeze into any more confined spaces – but contrary to what I may of thought, it seemed that it was only really those of above average height that would have issues so I spent most of my time slightly hunched over to accommodate the distinct lack of headroom.

Of course – there were other new things in store as well – I have been driving for over 30 years – and despite having a couple of cars with about the same fuel economy – driving and steering this tank would be a completely new experience for me…

There was no real steering wheel or pedals to speak of, and I was expecting to find it a bit challenging but the simple use of the two levers to take care of it all was quite simple once it had been explained to me, and I’d had a bit of a go …  Also the loading and firing of the gun was much simpler than I expected and even more fun than I could of imagined…

We spent a happy couple of hours ‘playing’ in this tank, driving around, firing the gun and finally having a ‘head to head’ against two other chaps in another tank (yes, we won) … and yes, while it was fun, it was also dirty, cramped and noisy and I developed a whole new level of respect for those that do this kind of thing for real, especially in circumstances that nobody would consider fun at all.

It was an interesting day all in all (and the late-ish pub lunch was excellent too) in that I found the brand new parts that I thought might be a problem, weren’t anything like as difficult as I thought – the driving and steering which meant doing something I was familiar with in a completely different way, and that worked out fine too … even the prospect of repeating a less than positive experience with the cramped conditions didn’t have the result I thought It might have.

I’ve often found though, that when it comes to giving new things a go – they are rarely as hard as they seem. Of course anything new will seem a bit strange and take you a while at the start, but that’s because it IS new to you.

Some will learn more quickly than you, some will have a little more experience and be whizzing off over the horizon while you’re still trying to start the engine … but it’s not what everybody else is doing that matters, but that you, at whatever speed,  get there in the end…

Until Next Time,

Tim Lowe
Publisher, Tim’s Business Lowe Down

Tim Lowe