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I always cringe slightly when I see a news story containing the phrase ‘new research suggests’, because I know that over the next five minutes I’m going to be told that whichever fad, gadget or lifestyle choice that was going to help me live forever only six months ago is now just as likely to make my head explode…

The likelihood, of course, is that neither will happen, and that the result of that ‘new research’ was heavily dependant upon who was being asked, how they were being asked, and who was doing the asking … or to put it another way, any research you conducted regarding, say, ‘interior design’ just outside Laura Ashley, would get different results to any you did outside Halfords…

The other thing about research is that it is really, really, really boring to do. Obviously I delegate it now, but back when I did it myself … the list of things I would rather do instead was very long indeed.
Researching on the internet can take a very long time. There’s niche research, competitor research and keyword research just for starters, and it all needs doing while we’re all ‘fired up’ to get things rolling quickly and we’d much rather be doing the more fun stuff like putting our site together.

As a result, often the research isn’t done quite as thoroughly as it could be…

We see it all the time. My Minions have cast their eyes over many ‘failing’ websites only to find that the site is excellent, the lead capture and follow-up is excellent, the product is brilliant but the site is drowning in the same niche as bigger competitors who buy a similar, inferior product by the container load and sell it on Amazon or eBay for a fraction of the price.

In this situation, there’s no way the little website will be on the first page of Google and the competition means the cost of advertising would bankrupt them quite quickly. So in short, they’ve manged to do everything brilliantly – except do their research … and for that reason they really are going to be up against it.

I’ve often thought the phrase ‘First, Find A Niche’ should be expanded on in any set of ‘how to’ instructions in our industry. I think it gives the impression that it can be done in five minutes, and it just doesn’t convey how important it is.

I’m not entirely sure the answer is to outsource the research either. My Head Minion, before joining me, outsourced a lot of his research but only got back what he suspected were ‘half hearted’ results … and the only way to check the validity of what he was getting was to basically do it himself anyway (which obviously defeated the object of outsourcing it in the first place)

In conclusion, I think ideally we’d all like our research done for us automatically, where we could just turn on our computers and it would churn out a list of customers for us, complete with their contact details, and all we had to do was just offer them what they needed – surely that would be a ‘no-fail’ way of running an online business ?

As ever, I’d be interested to hear what you think – would a business like this just be ‘pie in the sky’ or could it actually ever be achieved? I look forward to reading your answers…

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Tim Lowe
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